Attack on Titan: Chapter 133 Schedule and Details

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Attack on Titan comes out with the Chapter 133 and fans are restless, especially, with the fact that the manga is slowly but certainly coming to the twilight.

Concepts like Attack on Titan are hards to come by these days. Due to the excessive quantity of content coming in the anime universe, it isn’t easy to separate diamond from coal.

However, there’s no argument over the fact that this manga is absolute gold. Readers all over the globe are engulfed in this fire of a series. Also, the fact that the universe created in the comic is so diverse and dynamic, helps. Hajime Isayama is the creator and the author of the long-running manga. The main reason behind the enormous success garnered till date is his intelligence & creativity. 

Ever since its inception in 2009, the serialized manga has not looked back. However, it is time for the classic to start wrapping up with a reported end in sight.

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Thrilled for the climax or sombre about the end? Fans have to decide.

Scheduled release of Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Three:-

Attack on Titan is now moving towards the twilight of its time in the magazines. Creators and Publisheres seem to be giving similar vibrations when it comes to the rumour mill.

The chapter 133 is all set to be published on October 9th 2024 on all major platforms. A same-day release on platforms like Cruchyroll & ComiXology is very likely. However, in a few days after the published manga chapter, we’ll find it everywhere on the web.

If you’re fan of something more posh the manga will be available on Amazon Kindle.

It’s also important to inform everyone to not jump into this chapter if you’ve not read the last two chapter carefully. The nitty-gritty of this new installment is intertwined with the event of preceding episodes.

USP of Attack on Titan and its pull:-

This manga consists of countless twist and turns, shocking revelations and heartbreaking moments troughout the series. All spiced with great beautiful visuals and on top of all a more than perfect, enthralling score, credits to Hiroyuki Sawano.

The plot is brilliantly penned down, and does not slow down, not even for a bit. It keeps growing more and more massive, while you will find yourself tied infront of screen, as you can’t watch only one or two episodes. It’s extremely addictive as well as bingeable. Behind the plot and the action, there is also deeper meaning about  humanity and questions about morals and emotions.

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