Attack on Titan Confirms Chapter 132 Release Date.

Image: CBR

Attack on Titan fans have been anxiously holding back to peruse each new section as Hajime Isayama’s manga draws nearer to its end. Now the release date for Chapter 132 of the series has been confirmed! Following an update from the series’ editor taking note of that the most current part of the series had been finished. It was prepared for production, presently Chapter 132 of the series is pushing ahead as planned! As confirmed by @AoTWiki on Twitter, Chapter 132 is officially set for a release on September 9 in Japan.

How eager are we for Attack on Titan Chapter 132


Since the time Isayama confirmed that the series only had around five percent of story left to tell, fans have been restless to see where the last groundwork for this series finale would start. As the last curve of the series tosses the world into a full Titan apocalypse, each new section feels like it’s now preparing for the end. This makes analysing each new part of the series an upsetting task.

That is especially valid for the most up to date releases that have dove the world into much more dangerous disarray as Eren Yeager continues to internally fight over his ongoing decisions to clear out the whole world with the stirred Titans in the walls. It is without a doubt the haziest circular segment in the series to date simply by the goodness of being the peak of the whole story, however, the genuine pressure comes in wondering which of the last survivors will really make it to the furthest limit of the series.

Section 131 of the series left the rest of the individuals from humanity’s last resistance at a total misfortune as the Titans continue to walk through the remainder of the world. Eren himself has been engaging with his conflicting emotions over causing the end times he was bound to begin, and now it appears the last “fight” of the series will include getting Eren to acknowledge that he’s motivation a ton of difficulty and to stop the end of the world.

We cannot wait to update you about chapter 132. While you binge-watch the previous episodes, Stay safe stay blessed and we promise to keep you updated.