B-The Beginning Season 2 What Are The Official Announcements?

IMAGE: Netflix

B-The Beginning is the new part of the Binging Anime. Now it has become a part of the mainstream culture. The show is kind of a psychological thriller. The season one out came in March 2018. The season is under the production of I.G production. From then on, the show has gained a lot of fan base. In June 2018, Netflix announced its renewal for a second season. Let’s check the details of season two.

The Estimated Release Date:

The show is expected to hit the streaming service in March 2024. But, unfortunately, it could not be possible for the current situation of the world. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we can presume it not earlier than late 2024 or early 2024.

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Casting of B-The Beginning :

The Japenese voice cast of the show are,

• Hiroaki Hirata is casting as Keith Kazma Flick

• Yūki Kaji as Koku

• Asami Seto will be found as Lily Hoshina

• Hiroki Tōchi as Eric Toga

• Minoru Inaba is here as Boris Meier and

• Ami Koshimizu as Kaela Yoshinaga.

Plot Of  B-The Beginning Season 2 :

The show hovers shortly in a fictional nation, named Cremona. The show consists of twelve episodes in season two. It reflects the lives of a few people who cross each other’s path when a serial killer starts wreaking havoc on the city.

The show mainly focuses on Keith, a brilliant cum genius investigator. He is a part of the country’s ‘Royal Investigation Society. But now in the country, he is after the serial killer known as Killer B.

On the other hand, it also shows the life of Koku. He is an ordinary boy with an extraterrestrial being. His part in here is searching for his companion.


Death Note starred back in 2006. Fans all around the world consider it as the best anime ever produced. As a result, they couldn’t help but remark the many correlations between the two shows. Both the shows are on the basis of mind games between an equally genius serial killer and investigator.

The show also had single-letter names like L in Death Note and Killer B in B: The Beginning. But there is no such connection for real. It is rather fun to connect such dots.