The Batman – Did It Meet The Expectations?


Again, we are blessed with another Batman movie released recently on March 4, 2024. The Batman had its world premiere on March 1st, 2024 at Lincoln Center in New York, and was broadcasted in theaters on March 4th, 2024. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was postponed two times from its original June 2024 release date.

The movie earned over $318 million, and it was made with a budget of $185 to $200 million. It gave the movie the title of the third-highest-grossing film of 2024. The film was applauded for its high-quality performances, decent cinematography, on-the-line direction, action series, and storyline. It is meant to kick-off a shared universe for Batman, with two sequence films planned and two spin-off TV series in the works for HBO Max.

As usual, the fans are excited about the movie and have started watching it everywhere they can. However, this movie has gained more enthusiasm because it is long-length, with a total run time of 176 minutes. In addition to that, even the storyline attracted many other new fans who love action films.

Let Us Get Into The Details Of The Movie The Batman

In order to deal with his tragic history, Bruce Wayne becomes the legendary Batman. He is an isolated billionaire who compulsively safeguards Gotham City as a masked avenger. In this movie, Batman is roughly 30 years old and still is not a trained crime fighter. It is because Director Matt Reeves wished to examine the character before he became “completely developed.”

The famous Robert Pattinson played the role of Bruce Wayne or Batman. His acting was on point, which led to the growth of Batman’s fanbase. Reeves and Pattinson portrayed Batman as an insomniac who struggles to distinguish between his “homebody rockstar” public presence as Bruce and his Batman character.

According to the actor Pattinson, this movie is more like challenging the meaning of heroism, since Batman has more flaws than other typical superheroes. It is also said that Batman was not able to control his wrath and was trying to “impose his brand of justice.”

According to Reeves, Director Reeves, this film revolves around Batman who will start to learn that he must promote hope rather than inflict revenge. This storyline and background make it different from the previous Batman movies.

As for Robert Pattinson’s acting, he did a great job at portraying the best version of Batman in this movie. Though it is not a spoiler, the first scene within the five minutes of the movie will give you an idea of the amount of emotion, hard work, and creativity that has gone into the development of this film.

Pattinson’s acting was so good that you can actually feel that you are a part of the film and the events that are happening in the movie. This film will terrify you, entice you with its mystery, thrill you with its action, and astonish you with its dedication to conveying a true dark and gritty story.

Villains In The Movie “The Batman”

Unlike the typical superhero film where there will be one main villain, The Batman movie features more than one villain. However, among all the villain characters in the film, Riddler is the one to be feared as he gets the attention of Batman by cruel methods. If you would like to get an overview, you can check out this infographic on Batman’s villains.

1. Riddler


Riddler’s real name is Edward Nigma, and he works as an engineer, or you can say that his day job is being an engineer. He has a suspicious-looking costume with a green-colored suit, bowler hat, purple-colored mask, and a question mark staff. His strength is that Riddler is a high-level intellectual genius and can solve puzzles easily with his masterful manipulations.

2. Penguin


The real name of Penguin is Oswald Cobblepot, with a day job as a mob boss or businessman in Gotham city. His power is that he is a brutal Chinese acumen and excels in sportsmanship.

3. Catwoman


Selina Kyle is the real name of Catwoman and is a cat robber during the daytime. With her strong martial arts techniques, stealth mode, and acrobatics, she is a full-time cat thief.

4. Two-face


His real name is Harvey Dent, who used to be a district lawyer but became a fraud lord. Two-face is the best at hand-to-hand fights and criminal law skills. He is obsessed with duality and internal ethical disputes.

5. Harley Quinn


She works as a psychiatrist with the real name of Dr. Harley Quinzel. Her strengths are acrobatics, immunity to toxins, and psychiatric skills.

6. Joker


Joker is another villain in The Batman movie. However, it is said that this joker is slightly different from other superhero movies. Other villains we can come across in The Batman film are Mr. Freeze, Scarecrow, and Poison Ivy.

How The Batman Movie Stands Out From Previous Batman Films

Rather than a comic book aura and brilliant hues, The Batman will be more of a noir film. The Batman movie is not an origin narrative like Nolan’s Batman Begins. In addition, it will not depict a skilled hero like Schumacher, Snyder, and Burton but will instead fall somewhere in the center. In this movie, Bruce Wayne is in his second year of battling crime, which makes him neither a novice nor an experienced avenger.

The story’s key topic will be corruption. The director Reeves says that the more Batman investigates corruption in Gotham, the more he is compelled to combat his parents’ role in the city’s deterioration. The Batman movie will not be an origin narrative for the main character. But it will be for the villains (Penguin and Catwoman), which makes this film unique from previous Batman movies.


The Batman movie seems like it will be a hit and make it to the list of one of the best superhero movies. It is also different from its previous Batman movies in various aspects, including Batman’s nature, Gotham city’s aura, several villains, total run time, and the overall plot. All these things make this new movie a worth-watching film, and fans are pretty much excited to get a glimpse of this superhero movie.