Bird Box: Sequel Of The Netflix Horror In Development

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The author of the novel series that inspired Bird Box has now confirmed that Netflix and other Producers are working on a sequel.

Bird Box on Netflix marked the arrival of a slew of content in this genre. The thriller cum horror film drew massive viewership on Netflix streaming service. Not all reviews were in glowing terms, but there’s no question of the popularity and reach.

However, now here’s some new buzz in town and it’s with a much-needed move on. Ever since everyone realized how big the movie turned out, there are constant murmurs about a continuation. Sequel of the Horror genre movie already has lots of hype, even without any official announcement.

Although it isn’t the same anymore with some new reports. We have reliable sources coming in with some of the latest advances and inside scoops.

Bird Box Media
Netflix is reportedly keen on bringing back the leads for the sequel.

Breaking news about the reported development of Bird Box’s sequel:-

In order to understand how the sequel will work, the viewers need to know about the origins of the franchise. Bird Box is based on a like-named novel by Josh Malerman which was published in 2014. He created the universe that has now become a cinematic rage, especially for Netflix subscribers.

In the same series of novels, in June 2024, Josh released a second novel. This book is titled “Malorie” and is the continuation of the story after the events of Bird Box.

In a recent interview, Josh said- “I can’t say much, but I can say that it is in development. Sometimes it’s weird, all this secrecy, but I’m game.” This all but confirms that Netflix is all set to pounce on the new material. Another adaptation is coming soon to screens near you.

The plot is obviously under wraps, but we do know from the released novel that the story will pick up Ten years later.

When can we expect the sequel (Malorie) to come out?

The time for speculating a release date is very complicated. Also, with the movie not even in pre-production, all these dates will be rumours and nothing more. There hasn’t even been an official announcement of the sequel so no projections can be drawn out as of yet.

The filming schedule needs to be reported first, and then maybe we all will have a better idea. However, we can confirm that the sequel will not release until after the Summer of 2024.

If the trend in titles continue, the franchise won’t be releasing the sequel as “Bird Box 2”. The movie would much rather be called “Malorie” to continue with the pattern with the novels.

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