Black Clover 139: Next step for Yuri Tabata’s Manga

Black Clover: 139 Brings more intrigue and excitement.

Anime viewers had put Black Clover down initially due to the Naruto comparisons. But with time and hard work, they’ve found their own identity. And fans have made a special place for Black Clover in their hearts.

Black Clover: Episode 138 is set to release on August 17th, 2024. The episode is titled, “A Witch’s Homecoming,” and will progress the story massively with what direction Asta decides to go in.

The Episode 139 review:-

This weeks episode will see and focus on Vanessa, who returns to home to the Witches forest. The character has been curious to meet her old friends and try magic with them. The primary arc of the story depends upon the fact that Vanessa might confront a big surprise. The woman that claims to be Vanessa’s mother will come face to face with Vanessa.

Black Clover: The series needs to head straight up to gain popularity

The mixed-reactions to the series:- 

It’s your essential wish-fulfillment weeb anime: Some guy who is good at nothing and hated by everyone has a beautiful attitude and hence becomes the most majestic. The cliched bit. It’s a diluted version of Naruto. And audiences love that one, but Naruto is better than this by far. Naruto has better ‘action’ scenes and more character development than this manga.

Black Clover is filled with generic anime tropes that are so overused we aren’t used to seeing them these days in any anime. The fans have so much fanfare and made hype up so much for so long, and what little fan base it has is still hoping that the show will throw something out of far left field. But from what I have seen, its the same old ball game that got Bleach kicked to the curb.

It certainly is not for everyone, and the first 20 episodes are sluggish. But, it gets better as it goes on. It never gets fantastic, though. Audiences have been impressed by the characters and the way they play off each other. The world-building is also high. But, it’s is just for shounen anime fans looking for something new.

The anime fans can take a gamble on this series if they have that kind of time for this.

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