Star-Crossed!!: Manga Concludes This September!!!


Star-Crossed!! Manga, written by Junko, is said to end in September!

Junko, a manga artist, debuted professionally in 2009. Her famous works include Kimi Note and Kiss Him, Not Me.

She officially started this manga in 2019 after Kiss Him, Not Me for Bessatsu Friend magazine.

Is Star-Crossed coming to an end???

Star-Crossed 3
Star-Crossed Volume 3 cover!

Bessatsu Friend magazine declared on their official website that the manga would be ending anytime soon. According to the schedule of the manga release, the last episode will get issued in the October’s magazine. That means that the manga will end on September 12, 2024.

The manga started in June 2019 and has almost satisfied our hearts since then. It has been nearly 14 to 15 months, and the manga will come to an end.

The manga-readers out there have spent a lot of their lockdown amidst the pandemic reading such mangas. But the news of this news made the fans think about what else to do now!

Will there be Star-Crossed Volume 4?

Star-Crossed 2
Star-Crossed Volume 2 cover!

With almost three volumes out in the market, the fourth volume’s expected release will be around the end of 2024. The most probable time for the version release is November 2024.

The digital version of Star-Crossed is available since March 24, 2024. The digital version, released by Kodansha Comics, expect the manga print available from February 2024.

Story of Star-Crossed!!

Spoiler Alert!

Star-Crossed Volume 1
Star-Crossed Volume 1 cover!

A girl, Azusa, is crazy for Chika-Kun, a member of the idol group P4U (Prince 4 U). Their fates become intertwined when she dies, trying to save him. Blessed by the Goddess Fortuna (A Roman Goddess of Luck), she meets her idol in the heaven.

God took the blame for their deaths. So, He sent them back; there was a problem! Their souls got swapped during the process by the deity!! Chikashi‘s manager, Matsumoto, knows about the switch. Azusa gets agitated by this fact. Chika transfers to Azusa‘s high school with the help of his manager.

Swapped Souls!!

What more adventure awaits them? Can they go back and forth heir souls by kissing? What happens to the two of them next!?

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