Beastars Season 2: When Is Its Netflix Release Scheduled?


Beastars is one of the most popular anime available to stream online on Netflix. One season of this anime has been released, and it became a huge success. We all know that the Beastars Season 2 is on its way. This article will be providing you with all the details that you should not miss.

Beastars is a Netflix originals series and is based on a manga with the same name. The author of the manga is Paru Itagaki. It first debuted in September 2016. Till now, a total of seventeen volumes of the manga have been published.

Beastars Season 2 renewal status

Image: Netflix

If you have watched the first season of the anime till its end, then you must be conscious of the fact that the show is getting a second season.  Beastars Season 2 is not scheduled for discharge until 2024, according to the official site of Beastars.

Also, if the series is going to be broadcasted in Japan first, then the wait is going to be even longer for Netflix subscribers. The first season was broadcasted in Japan from October 10, till December 26, 2019. It arrived Netflix on March 13, 2024, which is three months later from the date of telecast.

Beastars is not among those anime revisions which don’t stay faithful to the source material. It has done a really good job by staying in tune with the manga. The first 47 chapters of the manga were covered in the first season, and it is expected that about 50 more chapters will be covered in the second season.

There are a total of 170 chapters in the manga. So we can also expect another season ahead of the second season. Although nothing has been officially confirmed, this information is based on our expectations from the show.

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