Trinkets Season 2 Ending Explained: All’s Well That Ends Well

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Netflix’s ‘Trinkets’ returns with another season, which walks us through the story of three girls who meet each other at Shoplifters Anonymous. While the first season centered around the female friendship and its fun, the three girls learn to face the consequences of their actions this season.

By the end of the second season, we see exceptional growth in the characters of these young women, and the story ends on a promising note for all of them.

In the last episode, we see the trio head out midnight. They head to the school to put their plans in place. The women feel free as they’ve come clean. Then, they head onto a road trip and go to a beach. At school, everyone is shocked at what they see.

There are posters up of Brady but also photos of Tabitha with her bruises. The posters prove that the trio stole the test data but that it’s part of a more important story — “We may be thieves, but we are not liars.” The whole school is in a state of hysteria.

The Ending

Even though the entire plan goes smoothly, Brady’s overconfidence becomes the undoing of all. He brags about how his connection got him the papers, without knowing that Noah overheard this. He reveals this to their teacher, following which Brady tells them that someone had uploaded the documents on the cloud and suggests that it was done on the robotics competition day. Supposing that it was Moe who ratted him out, Brady sends the picture to Noah, driving them to break-up.

Things get worse when the inquiry into who stole the papers drives the authorities to Chase. Since Moe had used his laptop at that time, he becomes a potential suspect, and the whole school starts to spread rumors about him. As Chase had presumed, this defames the reputation of the robotics club and their funding goes under threat.

Moe also feels terrible about it because Chase had tried to find out who was accountable for this in order to lead the suspicion away from the robotics club. This black mark on his academic career destroys his future, as now he wouldn’t get into any good college.

Trinkets, Season 2
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As things get bad for Chase, Moe starts to feel all the worse. It becomes obvious to her that coming out is the only way to save him and reform herself. In the meantime, Elodie is also confronted with her actions when her brother, Spencer, begins to steal stuff. She understands that she is not setting a good example for him and is not doing any favors for herself either.

Ultimately, she chooses to give back all the things she had stolen and start over. She also tries to fix her relationship with Jillian. Tabitha learns that Brady is being abusive to Kayla and feels that it is about time Brady paid for his actions.

The trio decides to reveal the entire truth to the school. Tabitha creates an exhibition of her bruises, detailing her relationship with Brady through photographs. They also leave a note where they admit to stealing papers and explain that they did it because Brady blackmailed them. Now that everyone knows what transpired, Brady is outcasted by all. Kayla breaks up with him, and Chase reclaims his

A Final Note

Trinkets, Season 2
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All ends well for everyone, and while they might not get what they desire or are still discovering who they are, we acknowledge the fact that things will only continue to get better for them. Even if they get into bad situations, they will always have each other. Elodie begins to get better with her addiction and starts to recover.

This also lets Jillian have an another shot at their relationship. Moe starts to concentrate on her academics, and a transient interaction with Noah points out that things have begun to soften between them.

Will they or will not they get back together is left for the future to determine. On the other hand, Tabitha makes peace with the divorce of her parents and starts to rebuild the relationship with her father. She also focuses on photography and eventually gets to have her own exhibition.

Her relationship with Ben, who is proceeding with working on his love for cooking at a culinary school, is all hers to keep. And so is her friendship with Moe and Elodie. It’s a happy and promising end for our lovable yet complex characters and an even more perfect one to this season of Trinkets.