Blood And Water Season 1: When Will We Get The Episode 7? Synopsis Of The 6 Episodes!

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Blood And Water Season 1 Episode 7

The Netflix original series, Blood And Water Season 1, is based in South Africa. It was announced back in July 2019. The series has been becoming more and more popular among the audience since its release on May 20, 2023.

It has received a great appreciation and positive response from the viewers. Gambit Films is the producer of Blood And Water Season 1. Each episode has an approximate run time to 50 minutes.

When will episode 7 release?

After the release of the first six episodes, the viewers are on the edge of their seats, waiting eagerly for the release of the seventh episode. However, no official signals are suggesting the release date for the episode 7 of Blood And Water Season 1 yet.

Storyline of Blood And Water Season 1:

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The story of Blood And Water Season 1 centers a local teen as she uncovers the secret past of her family. Also, she navigates the complicated world of a High School in South Africa.

After crossing paths at a party, the teen sets out to confirm the relation with a private-school swimming star. She tries hard to prove that she is her sister, who was abducted at birth.

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What have we seen so far?

So far, there have been six successful episodes of Blood And Water Season 1. Here are some details about each:

Episode 1: Fikstation

Another year passes by after the disappearance of Puleng’s sister. She becomes the support of her parents and escapes for a slight taste of joy.

Episode 2: The Interview

Puleng bears an intense quest for answers. She combines secrecy and strategy, and a special project helps her build a more robust bond with Fiks and her classmates.

Episode 3: Propaganda

Fiks faces an adverse reaction while campaigning for the Head Girl. On the other hand, Puleng gives a thought to a crucial decision. Share her mission with Wade or relinquish the search?

Episode 4: Payback’s a B*tch

Puleng experiences her own school scandal. This is when the tables turn, and she and Wade begin to chase a new lead. Meanwhile, Fiks struggles with the hazards of romance.

Episode 5: Frenemy No. 1

Puleng scuffles with regret and develops a close bond with KB when Wendy goes on record. Fiks hosts a gathering at the poolside and deals with a devastating catastrophe.

Episode 6: Trippin’

Tensions seem growing at a party with the family and friends of KB. While Puleng prepares for the trial of her father, she tests a series of life-altering disclosures.

Blood And Water Season 1: Cast

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Cast of the Series

The primary characters include:

  • Ama Qamata as Puleng Khumalo
  • Khosi Ngema as Fikile Bhele
  • Gail Mabalane as Thandeka Khumalo
  • Thabang Molaba as Karabo Molapo ‘KB’
  • Dillon Windvogel as Wade Daniels
  • Arno Greeff as Chris Ackerman
  • Ryle De Morny as Chad Morgan
  • Greteli Fincham as Reece Van Rensburg
  • Getmore Sithole as Julius Khumalo
  • Odwa Gwanya as Siya Khumalo

Moreover, there are many new characters introduced regularly to keep the audience engaged.


The fans of the series are eager for the release of the seventh episode of Blood And Water Season 1. Unfortunately, there has been no official word from the makers. Despite this, we hope that episode 7 will make its way soon to keep the audience engaged.