Call of Duty: Modern Warfare- Multiplayer maps and other details leaked online

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All the gamers who love playing this game on their Xbox, PS4, and PCs are having a delightful time currently. This comes after many multiplayer maps from the much-awaited Call of Duty: Modern Warfare got leaked online. And, as expected, the details have spread like a forest fire. So, read this article to know the detail about what just happened.

What latest details have surfaced recently?

The game has been updated recently and the patch notes are live to. After this happened, experts have been going deep into the updates and the “Reloaded” content.

The on-duty gaming experts have been using all their knowledge and skills to find out about what is coming up next in Call of Duty.


Which Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer maps have been leaked?

Reportedly, some files related to the map Oil Rig have been found by gaming experts. This one was removed from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 before it was out.  Hence, this map is likely to be added this time as it was cut the last time.

In addition, a source also suggests the possibility that Drainage, a new map will also be introduced this time. Furthermore, a regular map dubbed as Cornfield has also been signaled by some for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

However, we suggest that though these maps are being considered to be the leaked ones, it won’t be safe to completely believe that this is it. Having said that, data miners often prove themselves as reliable sources as their researches mostly come out to be correct. But, to avoid getting disappointed, we would suggest you take it all with a pinch of salt.

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If we look at the positive side of it, we can expect at least one of the above-mentioned maps to be out on July 4. So, let’s hope that the experts don’t break gamers’ hearts and the information regarding the leaks of call of Duty: Modern Warfare are true.