COD Black Ops Cold War Boosting


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is an appreciable FPS game. The devices it is available on are PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. COD series is fairly one of the most popular franchises in the genre of FPS. Concerning BO Cold War specifically, it is fundamentally vital to mention some features that distinguish this part from others. Firstly, the game offers incredible graphics and this point is undoubtedly significant for most gamers. Secondly, CW presented better zombies that have already captivated many fans of the game. Finally, in this part you are offered a lot more spectacular maps than in any other game from the COD series.

Obviously, in such a complex game that contains a great variety of modes for every taste that we will discuss in detail a little later, you definitely get interested in possible methods to rank up and earn XP for leveling up weapon in CW. Even so, it is a conspicuous fact that account leveling correlates highly with weapon leveling in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War. With this in mind, it is wise to presume that ranking up in COD does not require much effort. The most significant factors that should be taken into account are time and stability; to achieve a prominent result, it is essential to play from 4 to 5 hours a day. Nonetheless, notwithstanding these two simple things you should still consider some tips that will help you achieve your goals easily and effectively. At the outset, however, it is essential to discuss in detail various modes and amazing maps the game demonstrates.

Call of Duty: BO Cold War Modes


Along with already known modes the game contains some new ones. But it should be mentioned that CW also brings back everyone’s favourite mode – Control. Nonetheless, in this article we will devote our attention to the brand-new modes only.

  1. VIP Escort – two teams (6 players in each) have to play a defensive role or use aggressive strategy to kill the VIP who is chosen in a random way by the game system. Guards of 5 players should escort the VIP to the extraction point while beating off opposing team’s attacks.
  2. Fireteam – a multiplayer game mode for 10 squads (4 players in each) whose main goal is to earn score for the team by: killing enemies, detonating dirty bombs and collecting Uranium. It is essential to reach a particular score as quickly as possible in order to triumph over enemy team.
  3. Combined Arms – two teams (12 players in each) have to fight in an effort to win, however the ultimate goal of the teams is to reach the max score by: occupying each of areas that are leading to the enemy base and killing enemies, clearly. The first team that captures a single neutral zone will prevail against opposing team. The maps in this game mode, incidentally, are large, therefore players are capable of using boats or tanks.

Call of Duty: BO Cold War Maps


It is quite fascinating how soldiers’ path extends from the desert in the deep southwest of Angola to the very heart of Russia – Moscow.

  1. Armada – the map’s inspiration was the notorious project “Azorian”. In the North Atlantic Soviet and American troops attempt to detect the sunken nuclear submarine’s location. The one who finds it earlier takes an advantageous position in Cold War.
  2. Crossroads – NATO is preparing to ambush a great Soviet convoy on the road from Uzbekistan to Afghanistan that happens to be the center of action. The objective is to intercept the top-secret data and get the necessary supplies. Try and fight enemies using tanks or strike from the behind with snowmobiles.
  3. Miami – together with DGI mercenaries Perseus set up an ambush in Miami and stole a prison transport freeing a loyal ally. Special CIA forces try to kill DGI soldiers and get the information about Perseus’ location.

These are only some maps the game introduces. The absorbing fact is that inspiration for each of these here locations are real areas – the Treyarch staff were sent there to explore the places and take photos of lots of real objects and landscapes. The degree of involvement in development of BO Cold War is very astounding and truly arouses the excitement about the gameplay.

Account and Weapon Leveling Tips


Unquestionably, CW suggests a wide range of modes that certainly make the game more captivating and unforgettable for players; one of crucial points that guarantee enjoyable matches, however, is succeeding in it. Therefore, here are some tips that will probably be helpful:

  • First of all, it is advisable that you only use one weapon until you get all the attachments needed;
  • It is highly recommended to play on large maps as it lets your K/D ratio increase;
  • Interestingly, Fireteam Dirty Bomb mode is also useful for leveling up your account; large maps together with 10 teams playing simultaneously create favourable conditions to get a great amount of bonus XP;
  • By the way, if you play on PlayStation, you are lucky for it gives you a 25% bonus in the form of extra XP. Nonetheless, it is of paramount importance to play in a squad.

Call of Duty: BO Cold War Boosting


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