Can You Get Disposable Nicotine Free Vapes?


Disposable vapes have definitely established their dominance in the market. The main reason behind this is the ease and comfort of use it offers. They have a slim and sleep structure which makes them travel-friendly and easily portable.

In addition to this, popular brands like Esco Bar, Diamond CBD, Elf Bar, and more sell these vapes in different and unique flavors. In this huge list of flavors available, customers have the free choice of choosing the flavor that they like.

As an added bonus, they do not pose a severe risk to the health of the vaper. Added to this list of benefits is the availability of disposable nicotine-free vapes.

Can You Purchase Nicotine Free Vapes?


Yes, you can easily purchase nicotine-free vapes. However, the only condition for purchasing them is to legally be at least 18 years and above. They are easily available online. They can also be purchased from local shops or gas stations.

You will be able to avail of more variety and options when purchasing online. Local shops and gas stations have a very limited stock of flavors and brands.

Most people wonder if these vapes are really nicotine-free. The answer is yes. They are 100% nicotine-free. These function just like any other disposable vape pens. You will simply have to remove the cap and inhale the content from the mouthpiece.

The device automatically heats the e-liquid. This helps in producing the vapor that is inhaled. The common flavors available for nicotine-free vapes are tobacco, menthol, and fruit.

What is Nicotine-Free Vape?

Nicotine-free vapes are devices that have flavors without the addition of nicotine. The popular nicotine-free vapes are disposable, pod, and vape tanks.

Every vape juice has adequate PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin) ratios. The former is a water-like liquid that provides a sensation or hit in the throat after inhalation.

Vegetable Glycerin, on the other hand, produces more vapor or clouds. Most of them have PG and VG ratios of 70/30. The high levels of vegetable Glycerin help in producing a smoother vape. However, higher VG levels also mean that the flavor will not be delivered adequately.

Apart from these, vape juices also have a combination of natural and artificial flavorings. These are added to provide the taste of a certain food or drink.

Every e-juice manufacturer ensures to use ‘food grade’ flavoring concentrates that are approved by FEMA (Flavor Extracts Manufacturers Association).

Do Nicotine-Free Vapes Feel the Same?


Yes, nicotine-free vapes feel the same as vapes that have nicotine. The only difference is that with nicotine-free disposable vapes, you will not feel a harsh and burning sensation in the throat.

The ones that have nicotine often provide a ‘throat hit’ or a harsh sensation on the back of the neck.

Thus, people who prefer a smooth vaping experience should definitely go for nicotine-free disposable vapes. Those who wish to get rid of their addiction can also purchase these vapes. Initially, you might crave a harsh throat hit as felt while smoking cigarettes.

However, with time, you will get accustomed to the smooth and comfortable sensation offered by nicotine-free vapes. The different types of nicotine-free vapes available in the market are:

  • E-cigarettes


The E-cigarette is one on the list. In recent years, many brands have started releasing e-cigarette flavorings without nicotine. These are easily available online or at any vape shop.

Most e-cigarettes have pre-filled capsules. Therefore, before purchasing them, it is important to ensure that the label shows zero (0mg) of nicotine.

  • Zero Nicotine Disposable Vapes


Disposable vapes are becoming very popular. The manufacturers have started focusing on producing more disposable ones.

They are popular as one does not have to go through the trouble of recharging and to refill them repeatedly. In recent years, nicotine-free disposable vapes have also hopped the trend. They are lightweight and can easily be carried anywhere.

  • Pod Vapes


Pod vapes are another nicotine-free disposable vape on the list. These are popular because of their compact and versatile nature. Most of them can be availed with empty pods/cartridges. This allows you to fill them with your own 0mg nicotine-free e-liquid.

  • Vape Pens


They have been popular for a long time. But with the introduction of nicotine-free e-juices, these pens have achieved additional popularity. Today, they are available in a wide variety and range.

These include mouth-to-lung style vape pens and direct-to-lung style pens. They pens are also available with a tank that you can fill with the 0mg nicotine e-juice of your choice.

How Can One Vape Without Nicotine?

Vaping without nicotine might seem like an empty-talk. However, it is a fact that vaping without nicotine feels the same as vaping with nicotine. The only difference is that you will not feel the burning sensation in your throat.

The best way for smokers to get comfortable with no-nicotine vapes is to gradually decrease the quantity of nicotine in the vape until they have adjusted completely to zero-nicotine vape juice.

For instance, if your MTL current vape juice is at 12mg, then you can gradually reduce it to 6mg and then 3mg, and ultimately 0mg.

How to Make Vape Juice Without Nicotine?


The market already has an array of different flavored vape juices. Companies sell them in concentrate bottles. They are purely flavorings that have no PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerine) base, and nicotine.

However, you can also make them on your own. This will give you control in regulating the levels of nicotine. Moreover, it also helps you save a considerable amount of money. You will also be able to customize and make your own flavors.

You must purchase your favorite flavored vape juice and mix them together in the right concentration of PG/VG base to create the flavor you desire. You can also add freebase nicotine to the mixture.


Nicotine-free vapes are the new trend in the vape industry. The sudden transition witnessed from smoking to vaping was because the latter provided a safer alternative; it poses fewer health risks than smoking.