Co-browsing Demystified: A Closer Look At How It Works (2023)


During the Covid-19 period, companies opted for various new technologies to improve their online businesses. But simultaneously, the customer support team was confused about providing the best customer experience to their clients online.

They could easily deliver highly personalized customer services in person, but doing the same online-only became possible with the Cobrowsing services.

Numerous organizations have started adopting visual communication technologies such as co-browsing to engage with clients and solve their problems.

The customer support team can easily guide their clients from anywhere around the world with the help of this technology. In this article, you will learn exactly what co-browsing is and how it works for improving online businesses.

What Do You Mean By Co-browsing?

Co-browsing is a technique that helps customer care agents connect with their clients in real time by accessing their browsers. It is also called collaborative browsing. The team can easily identify customer problems with this software’s help. They can then guide the client in resolving that particular issue.

It is one of the best tools for businesses that aim to satisfy their customers with their services. Co-browsing is especially very useful for a person who does not have much technical knowledge.

It helps businesses to guide their clients through complicated processes. The surprising part is that you do not require additional downloads to get real-time support from the customer care team using co-browsing.

How Does Co-browsing Services Work?

Co-browsing Services

Co-browsing is an effective tool that allows many users to interact and view the same app or web page in real-time.

But how is this achieved? A specially designed software is used to organize the actions of every visitor on the app or web page, which allows each of them to view the same features and content.

This technology is specially built for customer support representatives to assist their clients step by step in navigating through an application or web page. The agent can view everything the client can see on the website.

Businesses usually provide co-browsing assistance to customers when they ask for it. The clients can connect with the customer care team via chat, phone, or email. The representatives arrange a support session once the client registers the help request.

You do not need to install or download anything extra on your computer system to get customer support via co-browsing.

Once the agent joins the support session, he gets access to all the information about the screen the customer is viewing.

He can even use his cursor to move around the screen to assist the client. Either the agent guides the client by typing on the screen or clicking and highlighting the important elements on the computer screen.

There are few co-browsing software available with an extra feature of two-way communication. With the help of this feature, the customer care agent and the client can talk with each other in the chat during the support session. The client can clear his doubts by asking questions in the chatbox.

Significance Of Co-browsing Technology

Now that you have learned how the co-browsing tool works, it is time to examine its benefits. Scroll down to learn about its major advantages:

Solves Problems In No-Time

These days, companies cannot afford to spend much time on technological issues. They need solutions that can help them resolve their problems quickly, and co-browsing is one of them.

The customer support team can view everything the client can and guide them step by step to solve the issues. This visual communication is far better than the representative providing a solution to the client verbally.

Co-browsing makes you feel like the agent is sitting in the same room as you are.

Customer Satisfaction Improves

Customer Satisfaction Improves

The primary objective of every business is to satisfy their customers. Customers will only return to the same company to get their services if satisfied. The companies cannot bear such a loss.

Co-browsing is one of the best solutions for providing after-sales services to clients. The customer support team only takes a few minutes to resolve your issues by accessing your browser.

The representative guides the non-tech clients step by step on the screen, both visually and verbally. The agent takes the full control of the user’s screen.

This helps you save time and eliminates the frustration easily developed when facing any issue while navigating the web page. Co-browsing is an effective method of improving the satisfaction level of your customers.

Improves The Productivity Of The Agent

Another advantage of co-browsing is that it helps in improving the productivity of the customer care agent. It decreases the time the agent spends on the call solving the client’s problems.

The agents can access the client’s browser with the help of this software and solve their issues remotely.

When they solve the client’s problem without any hassle and receive appreciation from them, it motivates them to do more work.

It Is Safe And Secure

Many screen-sharing apps do not guarantee the user’s safety and security. Most of these apps come with a risk of session lag, viruses, and spam.

However, co-browsing is safe and secure as it does not require installing third-party applications on your computer system.

The agents that help the clients using co-browsing cannot view their personal details.

Thus, the customers do not have to worry about their personal information getting leaked as it is not accessible by the customer support representatives.

To Sum Up


Providing the best services to the customers and satisfying them is the main goal of every online business.

Numerous innovations have arrived in the market, but co-browsing has become popular. It is a specially designed technology that helps companies solve their client’s problems by connecting with them in real time.

The customer support agent can access the client’s screen during the support session. The agent guides the client step by step in resolving the issues.

This is done both visually and verbally. Check the above points to study how co-browsing works and how it is useful for businesses.