How Artificial Intelligence Is Applied to Online Gambling Platforms


Artificial intelligence technologies have recently begun to be used in various areas of modern life. What is the meaning of this concept and what benefits can it bring to the gambling entertainment industry? You will find answers to these and many other questions in this article.

The term “artificial intelligence” is used to refer to the so-called smart software. The essence of such computer programs is that they can self-learn, analyze large amounts of data and perform creative tasks.

Artificial intelligence was first used in the entertainment industry as a program capable of fighting a person in a game of checkers. This happened back in the middle of the last century when the American cybernetician A. Samuel created software that was truly unique at that time. After playing a number of games, the system self-learned and improved its playing skills so much that it was able to win a game against R. Neely, the strongest drafts player of that time in the USA. This caused a huge resonance in the industry and became the starting point for the launch of large-scale research and development of programs powered by artificial intelligence.

Today, technology has advanced significantly compared to what it used to be. Machine learning has reached a completely new level and is beginning to be introduced into various areas of online gambling. Top operators use AI programs to identify problem players who are prone to gambling, determine customer preferences, thereby increasing the interest of players in online live casinos like, and also to improve the quality of service.

Prevention of gambling addiction


Everyone understands that online gambling operators are interested in making money, but top brands will not allow their customers to become addicted players. This is not ethical and generally spoils the reputation of the gambling platform. In many online casinos, you will find various self-limiting features to help you control your games. Artificial intelligence technologies track the gaming habits of users and, by analyzing this data, identify addicted players, thus preventing the problem from worsening.

Better customer support


If you play in an online casino, then you have probably already come across chatbots. Many modern gambling platforms use these programs as an alternative support service.

The main disadvantage of these chatbots is that their answers are not always accurate and may look unnatural. Therefore, customers immediately understand that it is not a person who communicates with them. Programs powered by artificial intelligence can fix this problem and offer a better service. The technology analyzes user actions and can identify potential problems in advance. Thanks to this, users will receive all the necessary information even before they turn for help. This application of artificial intelligence is just beginning to develop, but it has huge potential.

Fraud prevention


Artificial intelligence programs provide a lot of opportunities to prevent fraud. It will be very difficult for dishonest players to cheat online casinos. If someone tries to use cheating tricks or prohibited programs, the system will immediately detect this and ban such players. This will greatly improve the reliability of the site as a whole.

Artificial intelligence is also perfectly combined with virtual reality, which will help to conduct faster and more accurate player authentication. Instead of the standard phone or email verifications, you can verify your account by taking a live photo. The system will compare the received image with the photo in the documents, and if successful, will provide access to the services.

It is still too early to say what the future of artificial intelligence will be because the technology is just beginning to develop. However, it is quite clear that through the application of such programs, the online gaming experience will definitely improve.