How Are AI-oriented Companies Assessed?


We live in a time in which we are witnessing more and more technological solutions that change our way of living and functioning of each of us.

Science has come a long way, so we can see a variety of solutions that offer relief in many directions. Each of these solutions brings certain progress and advantages for every person in his everyday life, and one of the solutions that offer a large number of advances in artificial intelligence, better known to each of us under the abbreviation AI.

Everyone says that artificial intelligence is the future of humanity. Are you wondering why? That’s because this type of technology is the answer to almost every question we have. It is based on filling a system with information, i.e. filling a program with information that then makes intelligent judgments and gives answers. This type of intelligence is characteristic of software, computers, and machines, and in the future great progress is predicted in finding a large number of solutions. But in order for companies to work on such inventions, they need to receive an assessment. But how do they do it?

Knowing that this topic related to Ai assessment is generally unknown to many of you, we decided to talk more about it today. So let’s see how companies get an assessment for working in the AI industry and on AI solutions. Let’s get started!

Why is the popularity of AI technology been so great in the past period?

In the past period, more and more people are oriented towards finding a way to help themselves through artificial intelligence. It is the easiest, most reliable, but also the fastest way to find a solution. Why is that so? This is because artificial intelligence is full of information, which can then very easily, using algorithms, find a solution to a question or problem that people have. In addition, it can recognize and give approvals, which is why it is used in many directions. The popularity of this technology is expected to continue in the future, and people will increasingly rely on it.

Facial recognition is the thing most advocated by AI companies

In the last period, more and more companies are focusing on developing AI solutions, and one of the many solutions they are focused on is developing technology that can recognize the face as perfectly as possible. Thus, more and more companies are addressing this problem by working on more projects that could be very useful in the future. But above all, it is necessary to know that companies that work with AI need to receive an assessment from government institutions that they can work on such projects that would bring a certain benefit. What is it and what is it about? We talk in the continuation of today’s article.

What is an assessment and why is it necessary for companies working on artificial intelligence to get it?

As in the past, so today, the institutions need to have control over what is happening, because that is the only way they will be able to establish order. This especially applies to artificial intelligence. Institutions provide the assessment to companies so that they can work on technologies. This assessment is given by NIST, and it’s all for a reason. Companies operating within this field tend to participate in these assessments and share their results, such as here, so it is important to get this assessment. We are sure you don’t know what NIST is and why exactly this institution is important for getting an assessment? Let’s see more about that too.

What is NIST and why is this institution responsible for AI assessment?

Above we mentioned the abbreviation NIST, which stands for National Institute of Standards and Technology. It is the institution that is responsible for artificial intelligence but is also responsible for the quality of everything that is studied and developed as a solution. They assess each proposal or solution and then give their opinion through which they approve what will be worked on or reject it as a proposal. There are two options, but most of the time most of the solutions are approved to get the best possible progress ofusiness the technology and all that it offers and will offer in the future.

NIST also provides an assessment for the production of biometric algorithms

If you are one of the companies that in the future would like to work with AI-based face recognition or you are a company that would like to work with the production of biometric algorithms, then it is good to know that NIST provides assessment in this direction as well. . They do specialized tests that refer to the production of biometric algorithms through which they determine what will be done, whether it is good or not good as a solution. One such test is FRVT (face recognition vendor test). What exactly is it about? We talk more about this in the paragraph at the end of this article, so let’s see what FRVT is.

What is the FRVT test?

As we have already said above, NIST implements several assessment methods, and one of them is the FRVT test. What is this about? It is a face recognition technology test that refers to making algorithms from the aspect of face recognition. What you need to know is that NIST uses this test as the main benchmark when it comes to face recognition, so it is important to know that the rating of this test is very high if you want to make a face recognition AI solution. So keep in mind that you have to pass this test by NIST to get an assessment.


AI technology will continue to develop in the coming years, which means that NIST professionals will have a lot of work ahead of them in assessment, especially when it comes to face recognition technology. Before the companies will remain on the task of fulfilling the standards that will provide quality, sustainable, and affordable AI technology that will have its application in the daily living and functioning of people.