Is There any Difference Between Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC


THC has been treated as nothing else but a psychoactive substance for too long, both by the officials and the general public. Fortunately, medical experts have recognized the healing potential it holds and pointed out numerous ways in which it might enhance the lifestyle of the ones who use it in a controlled way. Reasonably, things are not yet clarified, especially when types of THC are in question, so a vast majority does not yet make a difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9 types of THC. Thus, read the following lines and figure out what the difference between the two aforementioned kinds of THC is and learn whether both of them work the same way or you should consider taking them with precaution.

Where to Find Them?


Both types of delta THC, the 8 and 9 are cannabinoids, but they are extracted from the Herb in a different way. Namely, it is relatively easy to obtain delta 9, since it can be found in cannabis plants all over the world, and its extraction does not require any out-of-the-ordinary procedures. Also, the process of extraction of delta 9 is as cheap as you could imagine, simply because any cannabis plant is rich with it.

On the other hand, you cannot find the number 8 that easily. Delta 8 is hard to get by in regular cannabis plants, but there are alternative ways to extract it for later use. Namely, if you would try to find some Delta 8 in dried cannabis flowers, you would end up with as much as 99% of waste just to settle with that 1% of usable matter. Fortunately, using solvents to derive it from CBD makes extraction of Delta 8 profitable, but it can also be harvested by distillation of fermented cannabis.


In a nutshell, you can do whatever you want as long as you utilize positive features regardless of the variant you choose, but there is a catch when the aforementioned types of THC are in question. Even though it is much easier to obtain Delta 9 THC, it is actually much more potent than the number 8 variant.

Consumers who have tried both types claim that even though Delta 9 is as much as twice as stronger than the alternative, it induces side effects in the same amount. Thus, if you would try this variant, you would experience a more powerful THC hangover backed up with unpleasant feelings of anxiety, paranoia, and compromised mobility.

On the other hand, Delta 8 would affect you in a smooth and pleasant way, with the tempo you can control all the way through. Reasonably, you would experience either minimal or no aftereffects at all since the nature of this variable is more suitable for human consumption. If you click here, you will find additional info on how specific Delta 8 products work and in which way you should consume them to enjoy the full potential they can deliver.

Legal Status


What you should pay additional attention to is whether the product of your choice is legal or not. Namely, if you intend on using Delta 9 derivatives, you should know they are considered illegal and could get you in trouble if you would get caught using them. Basically, every product that contains more than 0.3% of active THC is considered illegal, while CBD products with a lesser amount of active substance can be bought without worrying about getting into conflict with federal laws.

Products based on Delta 8 THC are considered legal on a federal level, so you should not trouble yourself with potential legal issues if you choose to make use of products based on this variation. What we should emphasize is even though using Delta 8 products is legal, you should always use them responsibly and consult an expert for their opinion before consumption.


As we have mentioned earlier, Delta 9 is a more potent variant that can cause both beneficial and undesirable effects on the consumer. In a nutshell, it is a psychoactive substance that can alternate how you perceive reality and affect your judgment and actions. Thus, we do not recommend any form of consumption since it could compromise both your legal status and your overall condition. One way or another, you should be aware that particular substances are classified as illegal for your own good.

Delta 8 products, on the other hand, might help you treat a range of conditions due to the therapeutic features they potentiate. You can find them in the form of various edibles, such as CBD gummies and oils, but you can consume them via vaping and other alternative means of utilization. Treating anxiety, eating disorders, sleep deprivation and other behavioral anomalies has never been easier, so all you need to do is decide which form of applying Delta 8 products fits you the most.

Cultural Status


More and more people opt for using alternative ways to treat various conditions, and they mostly have positive opinions when using Delta 8 THC products is in question. Science has been silent for too long, but fortunately, more and more individuals worldwide realize how beneficial alternative medicine can be. Considering the era of medicinal cannabis is on the rise, we are yet to reach the peak and figure out the additional benefits of this magical plant. Even though Rastafarians have been respecting cannabis for centuries, you do not have to clarify yourself as one to enjoy the benefits the herb bestows on its consumers.

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information have enabled you to make a clear difference between Delta 8 and 9 THC variables. Both types of cannabinoids have their purpose, but you may only enjoy one of them legally. Also, the same variation will help you overcome numerous health issues easily if you consume it adequately. Thus, make sure you always check whether the product you intend on using is based on the Delta type that is medically approved or not.