5 Common Misconceptions People Have About Penis Envy Mushrooms

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Mushrooms are a group among the kingdom of fungi, and they differ significantly from other kingdoms like plants and animals. They differ from plants and animals in multiple ways, like in terms of the ways in which they obtain nutrition. Plants are known to produce either their own food by utilizing Sun’s energy and a pigment known as Chlorophyll. Animals either obtain food from plants or from other animals.

However, fungi obtain their food from dead and decaying substances; hence they are commonly found in areas that are rotting and humid, like on the barks of trees in rainforests. Mushrooms have for a long time been shrouded in mystery, but they have gained a lot of prominence in recent years.

Many harmless species are used for food, like buttons, and open cap mushrooms are used in a large number of dishes, especially in Asian cuisines. However, psychedelic species are still treated with suspicion, and people can read this article https://wayofleaf.com/psychedelics/penis-envy-mushrooms to overcome some of the myths surrounding them.

What Are Penis Envy Mushrooms?

They are named penis envy because they somewhat resemble the male reproductive organ. They have a bitter taste and produce a gagging response when a person tries to chew them in the dried form. They are extremely difficult to grow, and their origin is quite controversial, but most sources believe that they originated from the Amazon forest in South America.

They are called magic mushrooms because of the strong psychological response that they produce. In fact, they have such a high concentration of psychoactive substances like psilocin and psilocybin that they turn blue when handled slightly roughly.

5 Common Myths About Penis Envy Mushrooms

About Their Origin And Survival

The origin of this species of Fungi is quite controversial. Some suggest the spores were carried from South America and a mycologist (one who studies Fungi) bred them over generations to select a particular strain. Again, some others believe that another mycologist received the mushroom itself and recognized its psychedelic potential by its bluish tinge and grew it.

Nobody knows the exact history, but the species does not produce many spores. Also, it gets contaminated by other fungal species fast and takes very long to grow. All these characteristics indicate that survival of this particular species is quite challenging. Yet it continues to survive because it is bred with a lot of care given its market potential.

It Causes Insanity, Or They Are Toxic

Many theories claim that consuming magic mushrooms leads to insanity. However, that is far from the truth. These mushrooms have psychoactive substances which alter mood and act like drugs such as LSD. They alter sensory and visual perception.

People may see halos and hallucinations after consuming them. Thus, many people confuse these mood-altering and visual perceptions as signs of insanity. These effects are not lifelong; the effects start to kick in about forty five minutes post-consumption, and they last for about four or five hours.

The psychoactive substances have serotonin which is a classic compound used to treat depression and anxiety-related disorders. Thus, contrary to public perception consuming these species of mushrooms has therapeutic benefits. Not only are they good for mental disorders, but they also have numerous other health benefits.

However, people should not consume them as medicines on their own as the potency, effect, and after-effect of consumption may vary from individual to individual. Also, these species can cause mood elevation and a feeling of euphoria, but at times they may cause extreme anxiety. Hence, its effects remain a mystery, and at times the lack of knowledge leads people to believe that these mushrooms promote insanity or that they are poisonous.

Different Notions About Their Potency

Most people do not know about the actual potency of penis envy mushrooms. They believe that they are many times more potent than other magic mushrooms, but most studies show that they have 15 mg of psychoactive substance per gram of the mushroom. Most researchers consider that 30mg per gram is moderate to high levels for the presence of a psychoactive substance.

Nobody knows the exact potency of penis envy, but they are definitely more potent. Hence, it is advisable to consume less volume so that the effects are not extreme. Also, when these are dry, they lose about 90% of their weight. Hence, it is a good idea to calculate the potency based on their dry weight before consuming them.

Penis Envy Is the Only Magic Mushroom

Many people wrongly believe that penis envy is the only hallucination or euphoria-inducing species; however, that is not true. There are at least 200 other species of mushrooms that contain psychoactive substances like psilocin and psilocybin, and consuming them can also affect mood and perception of the world. Penis envy is more well known because it has a higher potency and hence causes more profound effects.

Right Way To Consume

There are a number of debates about what is the correct way of consuming magic mushrooms. They have been mixed with herbs and tea to produce medicinal drinks for quite a long time. They are also available as pills; some people chew them to extract all of their juices.

All these are common methods of consuming them, and there is no perfect method that produces the maximum effect. Also, there are several other factors, like the amount of food in the stomach, that also determine the end effect. Hence, many factors affect the final outcome and not just the method of consumption.


Many countries allow the legal cultivation, consumption and sale of penis envy mushrooms, while many countries criminalize the possession and sale of these substances. They have both good and bad effects; however, before consuming anything, people must be well informed about the after-effects.

Also, just like these substances can produce a feeling of satisfaction and extreme happiness, they can also cause exactly the opposite effect. Hence, people should be prepared for both before consuming them.