Is It Healthy To Take Matcha Powder Everyday – 2024 Guide!


Matcha is not exactly a green tea, but something similar that has been experiencing great hype recently. It has a vibrant green color and a great taste. Green tea is a popular beverage across the world that is recommended to health-conscious people. What if we say that you can get better and much more nutritional value out of that same cup?

Yes, that is possible. You will be surprised to know that the nutritional benefits of green tea are not limited to that small tea bag. A special type of green tea is available in ground powder known as Matcha. If you are coming across this particular type of tea for the first time, this article is for you. It lists the benefits of green tea and also discusses a few facts that will help you decide whether or not you should drink it every day.

Where Does It Come From?


Green tea and Matcha are collected from the same plant, Camellia Sinensis. The difference between the two is that green tea comes from the leaves, whereas Matcha is the powder of the green tea leaves. Furthermore, you can prepare Matcha in the same way you drink green tea. The preparation method for Matcha is slightly different where Matcha is added to the hot boiling water and then a bamboo stick is used to mix it.

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Is It Safe To Be Consumed Every day?

To be precise, yes. You can consume it every day and obtain the health benefits it has to offer. However, you should be vigilant with the consumption quantity of it, since its caffeine content is high. Treat the consumption of it, as the same as coffee. Have it in moderation, listen and pay attention to what your body is saying, and also avoid having it after mid-afternoon.

When it comes to the consumption for adults, they can consume up to 400 mg of caffeine daily. Hence, when consuming it more than once a day, you should check for caffeine content in your product. Generally, five teaspoons of it is only allowed and you should not have more than that. The caffeine content in it acts differently than that of coffee. It makes you feel less jittery and also provides more sustained energy.

However, we strongly recommend contacting your physician before adding it to your diet if you are caffeine intolerant.

Benefits Of Matcha

Matcha is another form of green tea, that is a more concentrated form. It is believed that the same health benefits are packed in it, and at times you may find even more than a regular green tea. Also, the facts are true for green tea and matcha as well. However, research on Matcha is not that specific and also it requires some more research to prove the facts. It supports several functions in our body, such as the functions of the brain, relaxation, and mood enhancement in humans.

Just as green tea helps reduce the risks of heart diseases, Matcha helps in the same and therefore is very similar. Also, it helps reduce the factors responsible for diabetes. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with consuming Matcha every day, instead, it helps a human by offering several health benefits.

  • Loaded With Vitamins and Antioxidants


One of the major benefits of consuming Matcha is that it is loaded with a lot of vitamins and antioxidants. This helps reduce the impact of chronic diseases and cell damage as well. The drink includes a range of vitamins like A, B, C, E, etc.

  • Helps Enhance Skin Glow

Another great benefit of consuming Matcha every day is that it helps enhance skin glow to a great extent. Some recommend that you should switch your coffee with Matcha, if you suffer from some skin disorders like acne, pigmentation, etc. Its high vitamin levels help enhance the appearance of the skin to a great extent. Vitamin C present in the beverage helps stimulate collagen production thereby improving skin.

In addition to it, the Vitamin B present in the drink helps promote the turnover of healthy skin cells and also enhances the complete look.

  • Enhances Productivity


People drink tea or coffee for energy, and the level of energy offered by Matcha is much more than the other options. A study was conducted and people who drank Matcha were believed to have a slightly high productivity level during the day, and they were able to churn out work for an extra hour. The drink has a special combination of L-theanine, a major energy-boosting polyphenol, which is known as the Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), and caffeine. On your busiest days slurp a Matcha Latte and obtain the benefits it offers.

  • Helps Strengthen Bones

People often underestimate the health of their bones, and they don’t do anything to increase the strength of their bones. However, paying attention to your bone strength is critical to make sure to stay fit, and active even at old age. Green tea and Matcha have an antioxidant-packed compound known as Polyphenols that helps increase bone mineral density to a great extent. This helps reduce the risk of undergoing several bone-related conditions.

  • Works As A Natural Food Dye


A lot of studies have concluded that artificial food coloring and dyes may cause cancer. This is one of the major reasons why people are nowadays using natural ingredients to color food items. When you get the opportunity of using a natural ingredient, do not miss the opportunity and leverage it to obtain the benefits. The chlorophyll content is what gives Matcha a rich green color that can be further used to color other food items.

The color of Matcha gets transferred easily and when it is mixed with anything, the color gets absorbed by that particular thing.


Now you are aware that Matcha is not bad for health, rather it contains several health benefits. The only thing is that you need to keep the quantity of consumption in mind to obtain its benefits. It is a healthy beverage with tons of benefits and is cultivated from plants.