Green Lantern Crops: What Are The Updates And What To Expect?


Green Lantern Crops is a sequel part of Superhit Green Lantern from 2011. It is a fictional movie based on a DC comic book. There was a team of multiple writers for this comic book; it was so famous in the time of 19’s that people are very used to read it.

In 2011, they released Green Crops with Ryan Renolds, and the film was too good that people loved it so much. Now the Green Lantern Crop is coming as another installment of this movie. DC Extended Universe will release the film. Read further for every update regarding the upcoming film.

Release Date for Green Lantern Crops

After 2011, they took many years to announce another installment for the Green Lantern movie. And in July 2014, they announced that the film would come in 2024, and Green Lantern Crop will be the title.

The reboot will release on June 19, 2024.

The cast of Green Lantern Crops

Well, the officials have not announced the cast for this movie, but yes, there is news that Ryan Reynolds will not be seen in the upcoming film. The source said that Ryan rejected the offer as a titular cast of the film.


Till now, the movie faced many complications, and one of the difficulties is the cast. Before this, the film got the issue with the director,  Rupert Wyatt was one of the names which highlighted for the movie direction.

A shortlisted list for the lead actor of the movie

Till now, they have nothing revealed about the cast of the movie, but before a year ago, we got few names as a shortlisted actor for the lead actor of this movie. They are:

  • Tom Cruise 
  • Ryan Reynolds
  • Jake Gyllenhaal
  • Armie Hammer
  • Bradley Cooper
  • Joel McHale

After that Ryan has rejected the film and Tom Cruise is now busy with the other projects, so it seems that they both will not look like the lead actor of The Green Laternt Crops.

The fan-made trailer of the movie

There is nothing out yet as a trailer or teaser of the movie. But many fan-made trailers are available on youtube. Fans are very excited that they made a very fantastic concept based trailer for the sequel of the film.

Movieclicks Trailer Channel has released the conceptual trailer of the movie.

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