5 Tips and Methods to Keep Your Flowers Alive Longer in 2022

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Finding a hobby is a step that people remember as soon as they spend some of their free time. A hobby is a way of expressing love for an activity and a way of filling free time. So people decide on a sport, free outdoor activities, painting, photography, dance or some activity related to home and garden. One of the activities that are related to the home and the garden, and in which more and more people are in love, is the cultivation of plants and flowers. A special boom was observed during the pandemic when many people decided to store some flowers.

Growing flowers is one of the best activities that people can decide on. This is primarily from an aesthetic point of view because these plants beautify the yard, garden, and home in general, and after all, they serve as an excellent antistress and antidepressant therapy because they distract people from all events and thoughts. They are especially suggested by psychologists as an activity in these days of pandemics and quarantines. For this and other reasons, many people have opted for this hobby that offers a lot of relaxation and release of negative thoughts. Many people have become fanatics of flowers and plants who pay more and more attention to the appearance of flowers, their humidity, and the conditions in which they are kept and grown.

If you open the online search engine on Google and type only the word FLOWER you will get offered options that you can search for. Almost 99% of the options that will be offered to you by the search engine will be questions about the conditions in which the flowers are stored, what should be the ratio between soil and humus or fertilizer, at what temperature they need to be stored, and the most asked question – what needs to be done for the flowers to live as long as possible. If you are one of those flower fanatics who has searched for this or has ever thought of it as a question that needs an answer, we tell you that finally there is someone to give you an answer to this question. Believe it or not, it is us. We researched on this topic and decided to put together what we found out in one article in which we will give you the answers to this question which we are sure will help you to be able to give as long a life as possible to the flowers you keep. in your home. Read us carefully until the end and find out the answers that will surely help you improve the conditions in which you keep your green friends.

1. Give them enough freshness by spraying them with water, it will restore their shine

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One of the secrets of great botanists and gardeners is to give the flowers some moisture on the leaves and flowers. It means the same to the flowers as the spring dew means to them, which is why flower lovers practice this. What is needed? You need to have a ready-made sprinkler with water at room temperature to spray the leaves and flowers from time to time. This will give extra shine and beauty to your flowers, so you can pick them up and make a bouquet of fresh flowers, and if you are a fan of fresh flower bouquets or want to start making then this website offers enough information about the whole procedure for making and storing bouquets.

2. Give them enough water, do not overdo it with the amount of water you give them

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Before you start dosing your plants you need to be informed about the amount of water they need. You know, there are different types of plants and each one requires different amounts of water and at different intervals. Make sure they have enough water (neither too much nor too little) to pump. The best solution is to put a little on top of them in the ground and put them on from below so that the roots can be pulled up towards the stem. We will warn you again about the amount of water you give them because it can cause the plant to rot, and that is not our goal.

3. Fertilize them from time to time

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It is very important to feed the flowers. The food is best given to them in a liquid state because of that way they receive it best and fastest in the trunk. When the food is in large condition and it takes more time for it to dissolve, ie to decompose in the ground. It is best to apply liquid fertilizer to the plants once every 15 days so that it can get the proper shine, the right food that it needs so badly, and for it to develop properly. Choose quality nutrition in the form of liquid fertilizer that will give only the best to your plant.

4. Occasionally undermine the soil

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Plants require a lot of care, and part of the care they need is occasional undermining of the soil. Undermining is very important because it gives the soil the opportunity to change, to regenerate, not to lose moisture, and to be what the plants need. How to undermine it? Take a small piece of wood and gently dig it through the ground so that the soil mixes slowly and slowly so as not to damage the roots of the plant. Do this on the same day you plan to apply the liquid fertilizer, but dig in first and then apply the fertilizer.

5. Pay attention to the temperature they need

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Whether they are indoor or outdoor flowers, they need to be at the right temperature. So you need to have a thermometer in your home that will show you the temperature, and accordingly maintain the temperature according to what the plant itself requires. Also place a thermometer in the yard that will also give you temperature information so you know when they should be fully open and in contact with the weather, and when they should be protected with nylon or some other type of protection from harmful temperatures.

Give proper care, proper love, and conditions to your flowers and it will bring you back with longevity and beautiful flowers. Listen to our advice and see for yourself what you will see as a positive change in your favorite green friend.