What is the Longest Running Show in Las Vegas?

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Las Vegas is a perfect city for exciting events and shows. People across the globe visit the place to get entertainment and have loads of fun. When it comes to partying, Las Vegas provides good booze, food, music, gambling, and shows. You can go and visit the city with your friends, partner, and family.

You will get everything you desire in the same spot. If we talk about the nightlife, people stay awake for unlimited parties and fun. It is easy to book tickets for any show by ticketkite.com. You can get details about the latest events happening in the city, and you can book them with great offers. Many individuals have a common query in their mind that what is the longest show in Las Vegas?

In the history of this city, there were plenty of shows for endless fun. It is vital to get an idea about those events before you plan for the visit. Let us discuss those shows and determine exciting things about them.

1. Jubilee

When it comes to entertainment Las Vegas has The Strip showgirls that are dancing at Bally. These heartthrob girls steal the hearts of the viewers with their exciting dance moves and their classic outfits. They wear giant feathered headgear and come to the stage with a smile and confidence.

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In 2016, the show was closed, but it had made the historic image inside the people’s hearts. Thousands of visitors across the globe preferred watching this event. There was a last showgirl production in Las Vegas through this show.

2. Mystère

In 1993, this event was opened and became the first one for the permanent production of the Cirque du Soleil show. The first-ever performance was done in the city of Nevada. Many colorful and acrobatic events happen on a single day with great pomp and show.

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The music was great and cheerful, and the performers were doing exciting gymnastics. It is one of the popular events in Las Vegas, and it has become a favorite choice for many people.

3. O

After a few years of the launch of Mystère, the O start getting popular in 1998. It was known for its amazing massive onstage pool. The performers were acrobatic stars who mesmerized the people attending the event.

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It was a grand celebration between Earth and water. The storyline was fantastic, and people kept on enchanting about the show all the time. They loved the artist’s performances, and in the 14th century, it was hard to get such a level of entertainment.

4. Les Folies Bergère

This event is happening in Las Vegas for 50 years, in which topless girls perform fantastic dance and music. In the entire history of this city, it is considered one of the longest-running events, and it is hard to beat it.

When it comes to popularity, there was the best casino where many visitors came and made money. It was a favorite event for many celebrities who enjoyed watching girls dancing in front of them. There was glamor everywhere, and it was considered the highest mark of the city.

5. Legends in Concert

Till 2017, the show lasted for around 34 years in this Nevada city. It was organized in the Flamingo and started the six-week residency at an authentic place of the Imperial Palace. Many music lovers do not miss the show in any case.

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They loved to listen to the classic songs with great enthusiasm and entertainment. The longevity feature of the legends in concert also helped the event made a hit for everyone. The hits of celebrities like Lady Gaga, Adele, etc., were performed on the stage.

6. Penn and Teller

Many people have never heard of this duo, who were quite famous in Las Vegas. Visitors who love endless comedy and entertainment are booked for this event. The magic tricks mesmerized people and take their hearts out with extreme fun.

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Since 1975, Penn and Teller performed together, but in 1993, they debuted in Sin City. These two boys were known as the Bad Boys of Magic. Watching and learning magic tricks is one of the biggest dreams that people ever had. Therefore, this show gained popularity and people’s love.

7. Tournament of Kings

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It is a dinner show, which is quite popular in Las Vegas with a luxurious and interactive feast. The best thing about the event is the grandeur and the audience that was actively participating in the show. The cast was too large as compared to other events.

People craved tasty meals and unlimited drinks in the entire event. Watching this show is a dream come true for many individuals. The price of the event is also not too big that one cannot afford it. One can get rowdy after attending the Tournament of Kings with proper food and drinks.

8. Blue Man Group

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When it comes to characterizing productions, then nothing can beat the Blue Man Group. They started their debut in Las Vegas in 2000. The show gave a lot of things to its viewers like entertainment, comedy, music, theatre, and great performances.

Performers in the group were of blue skin, wear black suits, and had bald heads. There was no shortage of entertainment, and millions of people attended the show with intense curiosity and excitement. It has become the Vega strip’s staple to amaze all their visitors.

Final Thoughts

The city, Las Vegas is known for its extreme levels of entertainment, enjoyment, and fun. Every year, millions of people travel to this Nevada city for endless joy, playing casino, etc. It is a great place for partying and unlimited fun. When it comes to discussion about long-running shows in Las Vegas, consider all the mentioned ones.

You can also check out what all the events are currently happening in the city, and you can book them in advance before visiting the place. Get yourself packed in loads of entertainment and enjoyment. You should miss such events if you are going to Las Vegas for the first time.