Dracula Season 2: Unknown Facts, Release Dates, Plot And Everything You Need To Know!

Dracula Season 2 updates

Dracula has been one of the favorite tales since childhood and its fan base have been ever increasing.

It is either blessed or cursed with immortality, but right now, it is not sure whether BBC’s new show starring everyone’s favorite vampire has any more life in it.

While some fans would like to see the season sink in the new fresh blood, there’s no official word yet on whether Dracula will be resurrected for more episodes following the show’s first run.

However, showrunner Mark Gatiss has teased the fans hinting that his version of Dracula will be back on our screens once again.


Speaking to Radio Times, the showrunner said: “It’s very hard to kill a vampire. Do you know what I mean? What they do is resurrect.”

The success of the first season confirms that BBC will renew the season.

Here everything you need to know about the immortal bloodsucker!

Dracula Season 2: Release Date

The first episode landed on New Year’s Day, and the rest of the episodes of Dracula aired over three consecutive nights.


The official release of the second season has not been announced yet, but we can assume that the new episodes will land on the streaming services on around 2024 at the very earliest.

Dracula Season 2: Cast and Crew

From the response the first season has gathered over, fans would love to see Claes Bang presume his role as the lead character in the franchise. 

It seems almost certain that Claes Bang would fancifully return to the role which cemented him as a Dracula symbol on the BBC.

In the finale of the first season, we saw both Sister Agatha and her modern descendant perished. 


And there is still a possibility that Dolly Wells could return as another member of that bloodline.

The role of Jonathan Harker will most likely be presumed by John Heffernan, although his visage may continue to be used by the vampire-obsessed foundation that was set up in his name.

We won’t be surprised if Mark Gatiss appears in another cameo role again given that Dracula does return from beyond the grave.

Perhaps Mark will reprise his part as the morally bankrupt lawyer from episode three.

Dracula Season 2: Plot and what to expect!

The finale of Dracula’s first season seemed complete, bringing his and the Van Helsing family’s story full circle.

As Doctor Helsing uncovered the Count’s fear of dying, she fell to the floor and was about to succumb to cancer which raged through her body.

However, Dracula chose to feed on her poisonous blood, killing them both in a fiery and yet surprisingly romantic way too.

This seemed like a fitting end to their epic battle; however, we never actually saw any of them dying, did we?

So if BBC renews the franchise for a second season, then either or perhaps both of them could return, born anew somehow.


And if that happens, then the Dracula will be stronger than ever, no longer affected by the supposed “weakness” he believed to be accurate.

There is also a possibility that in the upcoming season, we might encounter earlier stages of Dracula’s life.

After all, the writers enjoy playing around with time, and there are over five hundred years of backstory that could be pillaged for inspiration.