Enemigo íntimo Season 2: How Soon Will The Fans Get Answers To The Questions?

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Enemigo Intimo Season 2

Enemigo íntimo, the Spanish telenovela, which aired on Telemundo on February 21, 2018, will soon be back with Enemigo íntimo Season 2. Telemundo Global Studios and Argos Comunicación are the producers, while Telemundo Internacional is the distributor of the series.

The series narrates the tale of two siblings separated as kids who get united years later. Both of them seem to ignore the fact that they share many common habits and interests.

Also, they shared the same parents and a sweet childhood before a great crime parted them.

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Enemigo íntimo Season 2: When will we have the next installment?

After the enormous success of season 1, Telemundo confirmed the renewal of the series for Enemigo íntimo Season 2 on May 7, 2018. The production for the same kicked off on September 9, 2019.

Unfortunately, the shooting faced an interruption due to the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic internationally. However, if the series follows the previously defined schedule, it might hit the screens on June 22, 2024.

Plot of the series:

The series follows two siblings. They witness the murder of both of their parents by a Mexican drug cartel at a very early stage of their life. Soon after this, the younger sister of the two, Roxana, gets kidnapped.

After 25 years pass by, the elder brother, Alejandro turns out to be a Federal Police who finds sister Roxana in an Interpol investigation of illegal money flows.

Enemigo íntimo Season 2 will bring many mysteries to unfold. Daniel, an infiltrated agent, will attempt to fall in love with Roxana to dig out the information.

Thus, there would be several misunderstandings while trying to destroy the narcos. Also, it remains to be seen whether the siblings will find out about their relations or not.

Enemigo íntimo Season 2: Who will be featured?

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Cast of the Series

The primary cast of the series might not have significant changes:

  • Raúl Méndez as Alejandro Ferrer
  • Fernanda Castillo as Roxana Rodiles
  • Matías Novoa as Daniel Laborde / Eduardo Tapia
  • Rafael Sánchez Navarro as Leopoldo Borges
  • Guillermo Quintanilla as Anselmo López “Guillotina”
  • Leonardo Daniel as Commander David Gómez
  • Otto Sirgo as Nemesio Rendón


Enemigo íntimo Season 2 will soon be back with a bang to keep the audience engaged in its never-ending thrills. There would be many other answers to discover while we witness the events in the lives of Roxana and Alejandro.