Hawkeye Season 2: Release date, Cast, Plot And Much More.


With his first individual appearance in 2011’s Thor, Hawkeye has amazed Marvel buffs with his precision archery and strong moral compass. After the trailer of 2012’s Avengers was released, we are not able to forget that epic shot of him jumping off a tall building. But the movie did very little for him, keeping him under mind control almost till the climax of the film. 2012’s Avengers: Age of Ultron extracted out more out of him, revealing that he was married and lived on a farm. All these depict, we have a long way to go to explore more of his character.


However, all of that changed with the news several new Marvel television series that would join the line-up of Disney6+ streaming service. Hawkeye is such of them. We all have a high level of excitement to watch Hawkeye series, including when it will air screen, what new characters may turn up, and what would it be about.


As for now, we have no idea what the plot of the movie would be. According to some theories that could be Proved out to be accurate, we can say that it can showcase his past life. While some say it could be quite different. This is massive secrecy from the front of Marvel. The series could also show his journey towards the becoming of avengers. It may also follow the storyline of the comics written by Stan Lee and the artist Don Heck.