Hawkeye Season 1 : Kate Bishop, and Everything we know so Far


Disney’s up and coming streaming platform is authoritatively building up a restricted series dependent on the bows and arrows pro Marvel character with Renner appended to star. The undertaking is said to be a series where Clint Barton, a.k.a. Hawkeye, will pass the light to Kate Bishop.

She is a Marvel Comics character who took up the Hawkeye mantle after Barton. She is additionally an individual from the gathering known as the Young Avengers. The series will get from where Avengers: Endgame had left off. It is the 6th TV series of Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Who’s in the cast of Hawkeye?

Jeremy Renner will again get the bunch of Hawkeye AKA Clint Barton. It denoted his 6th time playing the character on screen.

It’s presently not been formally affirmed who will play Kate Bishop, a young lady who Hawkeye will prepare into an impressive toxophilite; however, Hailee Steinfeld has been offered the pivotal job. You can see Clint and Kate together in real life in new idea artistry uncovered on Disney+ in America.

Hawkeye Season 1: Storyline

Who is Kate Bishop?

Hailee Steinfeld (Getty) with the logo for Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye arrangement (Marvel)

True Grit, Pitch Perfect, and Bumblebee star Hailee Steinfeld is on edge to play Hawkeye’s successor Kate Bishop.


In the comic, Katherine “Kate” Bishop takes up Hawkeye’s mantle during his evident passing when she joins the Young Avengers. Later turning into the first Hawkeye’s protege when he comes back from the dead.

Like Hawkeye, she doesn’t have any superpowers herself. However, she was at that point prepared in bows and arrows and hand to hand fighting gratitude to her well off childhood and improves her abilities further when developed by Clint Barton.

During that run, Fraction’s interpretation of Kate Bishop was widely praised and reignited enthusiasm for the character, who wound up fronting numerous storylines all alone as the arrangement proceeded.

Confusingly, Kate Bishop likewise takes the codename Hawkeye in any event. When the first is as yet utilizing it, making the pair tongue in cheek allude to one another by a similar name during numerous missions.

Fans theories suggest that the series may follow Matt Fraction, David Aja, and Javier Pulido’s acclaimed Hawkeye fantasies. It centers around Clint Barton in his “off days.” Kate Bishop, as a rule, ridicules him and later takes on his obligations.