Hawkeye Season 1: Upcoming News, Releasing Date, Plot, Reviews, Cast, Stories and Much more.

Hawkeye Season 1


With his very first appearance in the film, THOR released in 2011; HAWKEYE catches the eyes of many people. Then furthermore we all had seen him in the movie AVENGERS 2012. In that movie, we all had seen a fantastic scene in which the view of an arrow shooted from the top of the building. That scene had become unforgettable. But we couldn’t see him much in the movie as he was seen to be kept under mind control. Finally, that ended in Avengers: Age of Ultron and the people found that he was married and also had a family. Also, he used to live at the farm far away from the city. This had made people more curious to know about the character of HAWKEYE.

Meanwhile, that all changed with the news of several new Marvel television series. These new series are likely to join the line-up of Disney6+ streaming service. Hawkeye is one of such series.


In the beginning, Rumors are that the series would cop-up in April 2019. But there was no information regarding the exact release date. But, There came a hope after a few months when in San-Diego’s Comic-Con, Marvel revealed that the series might get launched in fall 2023.


Most expectedly, Jeremy Renner that played the role of HAWKEYE previously will likely to return. In the whole season, we will see the story revolving around his life. How he had mastered in the archery skills. As Marvel revealed very little about the cast, everyone has to be patient until the right time come.


As we all know, there is not much thing revealed about the series, so right now we have no information regarding the scheme. But according to the role that he had performed in Marvel’s movies, we all can assume that it will reflect his past life. Also, we can assume that the series will show the journey of him becoming an AVENGER. It will also follow the comics written by Stan Lee and artist Don Heck.