Hitman Season 1: Release Date, Cast, Twist, Plot And Everything Till Now


This fantastic series, “Hitman” is the version of the video game from IO Interactive. Hitman was a very hit game that was released in 2014. The main storyline leads and centers on the person who is a master assassin known named as – Agent 47.

The Release Date of Hitman:

Unfortunately, the release date of this show has not arrived yet. But it looks like they are going to release in 2021.

The Cast of Hitman:

Since we know that the series is based on the game Hitman, we can assume only the characters of the show from it. Agent 47, Diana Burnwood, Agent Carlton Smith, Mei Ling, and Dr.Otto Wolfgang Ort Meyer. It is our assumption. It may change also.

The Cast of Hitman:

This series is going to based on action and thriller scenes. And also, there are some thoughts that this series will have some twist, and it might differ from the activity collection. But it will be epic and adventurous.’

Out lead character Agent 47 may find another victim for the factors on which he is working on. The series may resemble gameplays of Hitman.

More information on Hitman:

In November 2017, there was an announcement that the series had been declared to allow streaming support Hulu was creating a television series which has been founded on video games’ collection. 

The founder writes the pilot script of John Wick named Derek Kolstad.

After that, on 28 December 2011, the online series has arrived and placed in the market known as “Hitman 101”. It was based on a guy who had been contracted by the ICA five people in 1.

The series was having twelve episodes of 25 minutes each, and it also has two extras on their plan. The show was too surprising that it got many appreciations like in Marseille Internet Fest 2012, the show was selected to become among the ten series within an Official Selection in 2012 and is a 2012 Leo Award Nominee.