Is Space Force Season 2 cancelled? Keep reading to know more!

Space Force

Well, we have seen that the US President Donald Trump has generally been in trouble due to various reasons since the day he was elected. He has always managed to be in the limelight for his policies and actions. Now, some of these things have paved the way for starting a web series.

Yes, we are talking about the dramedy Space Force. This is a satirical drama pointing out Trump’s administered military base.

Is Space Force Season 2 up for a renewal?

As of now, we know that the first season just finished on May 29, 2024. This season had a total of ten episodes. So, it is very early to predict about a new season. We still need time to assess the viewership of the show, which will give a clear picture of its renewal.

Space Force

When will Season 2 hit the screens?

We all know that the world is facing a severe crisis at the moment. So, even if the show is renewed for a new season, we cannot expect it to pop up by 2024.

Who will be the cast members for Space Force Season 2?

As of now, we have no information about any new members joining the show. The cast members of the previous season were,

Steve Carell,

Ben Schwartz,

John Malcovich,

Tawny Newsome

Diana Silvers and others.

A still from Space Force

What will be the storyline for Season 2?

The show is all about a group of US army personnel. They have been assigned the charge to develop a new branch of the armed forces called the United States Space Force. So, by hearing the name, we can predict how the web drama is related to Trump and his administration.

After watching the first season, we surely know that a lot of questions still need to be answered. So, we can predict that there will be a second season, but we don’t know when we will see that.

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