Zoolander: Ben Stiller Will Not Remove Donald Trump From The Film

trump in zoolander film
image Credits: NewYork Post

American actor Ben Stiller recently said that he will now remove the scenes of American President Mr. Donald Trump. The President gave the cameo role in Ben stiller’s Zoolander. And After taking the petition with show actors and directors, they have decided not to remove Donald Trump from the film.

Donald Trump in the Zoolander

Everyone knows that the American President is very entertaining to the people and also supportive of many shows. We have seen him several times get sarcastic with many things.

But this time, Trump, Who appeared with First Lady Melania Trump in the film, is playing the cameo role. He also talked about how “male modeling wouldn’t be the same” without the star Derek Zoolander(which is fictional).

Ben Stiller on not to remove the cameo of Trump

Ben Stiller, who is the actor and director of Zoolander, has recently talked with the Daily Beast. He reveals that he is not going to cut the role of Donald Trump.

He said that, “I have had many people reach out to me and say, ‘You should edit Donald Trump out of ‘Zoolander,’ film’ but at the end of the day that was a time that existed in the film and that happened.”

Stiller said that the cameo was filmed on the red carpet for the VH Fashion Awards. And it is for real. He revealed that how he filmed the cameo of Donald Trump For the Zoolander.

He said that, “They were in the shooting of the now-defunct VH1 Fashion Awards, And as people were coming up for the red carpet, he pulled them one by one aside and asked about the film Zoolander. Fortunately, they got the Trump on the red carpet, and He pulled him aside with Melania.” So, this is how he filmed with Donald Trump.

He added that, “We were shooting at the now-defunct VH1 Fashion Awards… and as people were coming up the red carpet, we pulled them aside and asked them to talk about Derek Zoolander, and so Trump and Melania did that.”

Hollywood Reporter, Matt Damon said that it is not the first time that some are wanting to put a cameo of Donald Trump. Before this, he had cameos in many movies like home alone. But before putting a cameo, you have to write him in to get the permission.

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So this is about the Cameo of Donald Trump in Zoolander, Stay tuned with us for more news.