Property Brothers: Production To Resume Soon

Property Brother
Image Credits: Yahoo News India

Everyone knows that Hollywood productions are stopped now due to the pandemic of Covid-19. But lucky are those who can shoot it in just one place for all the scenes. And Property Brothers of HGTV are one of those most fortunate brothers who are resuming the filming of their show.

Yes, HGTV star Jonathan and Drew Scott, who is known as Property Brothers are coming back with all-new episodes. Since, after the unlocking of lockdown, they have started working on their vast home-improvement empire. Also, it’s far easy for them to film the all-new episodes with precautions in comparison with other TV shows.

At, we love The Property Brothers, and can’t wait for it’s return when the pandemic is over!

Property brothers are having collaboration with HGTV; it is one of the hugely successful channel of Discovery.

Property Brothers’s official announcement

Recently in a talk with Variety, Property brothers reveal about their plans. Jonathan Scott said that, “The construction work of them is never stopped in this pandemic, It was on the priority and also considered as an essential because of the same reasons.”  He added that, “It was worst thought to replace the people who are with them. And it is challenging for them to work with safety.”

He exclaimed in an asking tone, “Should we pause the shows and leave all these houses as they are, or do we try and get those families back into their homes?”

They are working in with their business in the area of Los Angeles, where it is strictly banned to film the shows. But Scott brothers are having the prime time that they are only recording the work they do in the business.

They are about to complete the season 7 of their show. Also, they have the show in their own production house called Scott Brothers Entertainment shingle.

Brad Pitt on the show of Property Brothers
image credits: The Cut

The property brothers also invites many celebrities to start for their show. In a celebrity spin-off episodes they help celebrities to make their dream roof-top and different designs. Just before a month, we got the news that Brad Pitt, A Hollywood star, is going to work with property brothers. Though there is nothing announced till now that when they are going to work with him in this pandemic situation.

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So, Do watch the property brothers with all-new episodes on HGTV. Till then, stay tuned with us for more quick news and updates.