Supernatural: Filming to resume in late Summer


When the Filming of the Supernatural was in its final stages, it was stopped due to the coronavirus. Even though the creators of the show had intentions to end the show, they were not the prior reason for its end. Only a handful of episodes were left for Filming, and then this pandemic situation occurred. That forced everyone to stay in their homes. As a result of the lockdown 2024, the production of the supernatural series was also halted, keeping in mind the safety of cast and crew.

Supernatural Cast: Beginning of the End
Image Source – TV Insider

When will the filming restart?

CW announced that the Filming of the show would be restarting. Currently, the date of its return is not specified and hasn’t been officially announced. If some reports are to be believed, then the principal photography of the show is expected to be resumed at the end of July 2024.

The Filming needs to be started as soon as possible so that the show ends on time, giving room to Walker. Jared Padalecki has made commitments to his upcoming series Walker which too will be aired on CW.

How many episodes of the Supernatural are left for Filming?

Jenson Alkes confirmed earlier that the Filming of the 19th episode of the finale season was going on. Even before the shoot comes to an end, lockdown happened, and the production was halted. This pandemic situation left the shooting of the finale incomplete, and three episodes remain unaired. Also, two episodes are remaining that will be filmed if the shooting restarts in July.

Supernatural Scenes from the middle of the show
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Padalecki will be shifting to Walker after saying goodbye to the role of Sam Winchester. Walker is one of the projects produced by the CW and is expected to be aired once the Supernaturals series ends.