Lucifer: Tom Ellis Gives Out Details About Musical Episode In Season 5; Spoilers Out

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Lucifer is a comedy-drama revolving around Lucifer Morningstar, who moves to Los Angeles after getting tired of his job as the Lord of Hell. Based on a character created by Neil Gaiman for The Sandman comic-book, Lucifer has superhuman abilities and immortality, as well as the power to make people tell him their secret wishes.

Lucifer and his allies take on a large number of criminal cases as well as some supernatural terrors– but they will be facing perhaps their strangest challenge yet in season five.

What did Tom Ellis spill about Lucifer?

Lucifer star Tom Ellis has spilled more details about the show’s extraordinary musical episode, which will telecast in its fifth season.

Season 4 Auction Episode Snap
Image: Netflix

The episode of the Netflix series was announced last year and will be titled ‘Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam’. In a new interview, Ellis has spoken more about the upcoming extraordinary, calling it “the most fun I have had doing anything on a set ever”.

“Singing and dancing make me very happy, so when we filmed on a high school football field with 100 background dancers to the music of Queen, let’s just say I felt like I’d won a competition to live out my dream,” he told Da Man.

L Lauren German and Tom Ellis in the “Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil” episode of LUCIFER
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Season five of Lucifer will be delivered in two parts, with the first arriving on Netflix on Friday (August 21). It will introduce a significant new asset– Lucifer’s twin brother Michael, who will also be played by Ellis.

Speaking about the actor’s double role, showrunner Ildy Modrodvich said in a recent interview: “He plays it with unique physical mannerism and speech ways, so it is this weird back-and-forth where he’s having this weird conversation with himself. He’s brilliant.”

When will season 5 release on Netflix?

The first half will be delivered to watch on Netflix from Friday, August 21 2023. The date was confirmed via Netflix’s Twitter handle.

There’s no confirmation yet on when part two will arrive, but we’ll update this when more information comes in.

Lucifer season five episode details

Each Lucifer episode is named after a dialogue said by one of the characters, so fans are already guessing on what the context of these titles could be. Here are some possible ones-

Season 5 Part 1

1. EP1-Really Sad Devil Guy
2. EP2-Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer!
3. EP3-Diablo!
4. EP4-It Never Ends Well for the Chicken
5. EP5-Detective Amenadiel
6. EP6-BluBallz
7. EP7-Our Mojo
8. EP8-Spoiler Alert

Season 5 Part 2

9. EP9-Family Dinner
10. EP10-Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam
11. EP11- Resting Devil Face
12. EP12-Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid
13. EP13- A Little Harmless Stalking
14. EP14-Nothing Lasts Forever
15. EP15-Is This Really How It’s Going to End?!
16. EP16- A Chance at a Happy Ending

Previously on Lucifer

Prior to the fourth season’s release, Netflix produced a video giving a brief overview of the first three seasons – narrated by Ellis.

Season four was another action-filled chapter in the Lucifer, reuniting the Devil with Eve, while the conceiving of a new celestial caused concern from above.

Here’s another (spoiler-filled) recap, courtesy of Netflix:

Well, we are pretty excited about the release. Stay safe and stay tuned. We will bring back more n more updates to keep you refreshed.