Martingale System: The Ultimate Gambling Strategy For Roulette Enthusiasts


One good bet is enough to turn your luck into profits. And what’s best to earn some money while you have fun than an enjoyable roulette match?

It’s one of the most popular games in casinos. And as such, it requires an excellent strategy to win as many times as possible. This is when the Martingale System comes in, as this strategy follows the premise that “the same event cannot occur many times in a row.”

In other words, the more you lose, the more you need to bet because the chances to keep losing are reducing. As a Roulette enthusiast, you must learn how these strategies work. If not, you could potentially be losing money.

What Is The Martingale System?


Martingale is a progressive investment strategy where profits increase steadily after losses. You can apply this plan in all online roulette like Mr.Bet; the main point is to bet the total amount of money lost to recover it.

You must double the money you place on the next bet every time you lose. This way, you will have more chances to recover what you lost.

The martingale method is as old as the game of roulette itself. It originated in France in the 18th century, with Paul Pierre Levy being the first to understand this strategy accurately.

Understanding The Martingale System

The Martingale system gives the player a high probability of winning many small amounts and a low probability of winning a significant amount. So you can achieve success in the short term.

At first look, the Martingale system is a manageable strategy. By doubling your bet (or more) after each loss, you ensure that when you win, you will recover all your losses plus an extra profit equal to your initial bet.

The fact that you go back to your original amount every time you win helps you limit your investment and play moderately.

Applying Martingale During a Roulette Game

The most popular way to use the Martingale method in roulette is in red/black or odd/even bettings. You start with the minimum bet on the table.

Let’s say it’s $5. If you win, you bet the same again.

And what happens if you lose?

This is where the Martingale system comes in. You bet $10. If you lose, no problem; you bet $20.

If you win the third bet, which is what you expect as the probability is about 50%, you win $20 plus the initial $20 investment.

In the same way, you reverse the initial $5 and $10 bets to have $5 of profit. Now, let’s say you bet one chip on even. If an odd comes out, and you lose that bet. The next time, you’d have to bet two chips again on even to start fresh.

This is the logic of this system: betting a small amount at a 50% probability will take little time to win. And as soon as you do, you will recover your losses.

What Do You Need To Apply This Strategy in The Roulette Game?

To make good use of this smart and easy strategy, you must:

  • Have discipline
  • Study the game
  • Try to have a good time

According to a survey in ResearchGate, motivation in casino games comes more from the entertainment they provide than from the winnings themselves.

You should also be mentally prepared to place a large bet if you are on a bad streak. Following the example above, if you started with $5 but lost six rounds in a row, you would be down $315.

You’d have to bet $315 to recover all your losses and get profits. And not everyone is ready to put down that amount of money.

This means that even when you can recover your money, you could lose everything as losses accumulate.

Martingale System Variations


When playing in online casinos, there are Martingale variations you can use. Choose which works better for you.

  1. Reverse Martingale: Instead of increasing bets after each loss, you do it after each win. This will boost your potential earnings if you catch a winning streak. It’s also a riskier strategy if you aren’t a high-roller.
  2. Grand Martingale: Similar to the basic system. However, you triple your bet instead of double it. So, if you lose a $100 bet, instead of paying $200, your wage would be $300.
  3. Fibonacci system: It’s a different system but similar to Martingale. What you do here is follow a sequence of numbers. When you apply it to online casinos, each bet sums up the previous two bets.

Now, these strategies won’t ensure earnings when playing Roulette. They are risky strategies that could potentially make you lose money.

Place bets wisely and use the system you like the most.

Can You Apply This Strategy In Low-Budget Bets?

If you have a small budget but want to try this system, the welcome bonuses in an online casino can be your best allies.
Your budget will be higher and will help you see if the Martingale system works for you without risking your main deposit.

Legally Using The Martingale System On Casinos


Using strategies to increase the odds of winning a bet is entirely legal. Besides, this is different from counting cards or using rigged slot machines.

You’re playing with your money based on probability and increasing the amount you bet each time you lose. Casinos are okay with strategies as long as they don’t affect the game’s outcome.

Even though Martingale is legal, this system can become worthless at some point due to casino limits. It’s excellent for high-rollers and people who play in online casinos.