Mirzapur Season Two Trailer is Here! Check Out Exclusive Details

Mirzapur 2 Media Poster
The long-waited second instalment of Mirzapur is set to hit the Amazon Prime Video catalogue.

Mirzapur fans can finally take a sigh of relief as the second season looks in reach. However, there’s no drop in curiosity or intensity with the imminent arrival. On October 6th, 2024, at 01:00 PM (IST), Amazon pulled out the most anticipated trailer in Indian streaming history. Ever since the end of the debut season, the tension has been increasing fiercely. We’ve all been piling on the doors of Amazon to give us the next part. The Mirzapur pilot premiere was on November 16th, 2024, which also makes it just under two years of wait for the loyal viewers.

Without any further delay, here’s the trailer for Mirzapur Season 2:-

Takeaways from the trailer and major plot point reveals:-

The tensions in Mirzapur’s ruling dynasty is high as ever, and everything seems to be going haywire. The opening shots set up the environment where Kaleen Bhaiya wants to control the city, even when Munna is the “Bahubali”. However, Munna isn’t backing down from any familial conflict whatsoever.

Munna puts himself in charge by saying-“Whoever sits on the throne of Mirzapur can change any rule at any time.” While the father-son duo spar with each other, there’s a storm of revenge brewing from Guddu Pandit. Ali Fazal is returning with a stern beard and much more motivation than he’s ever had. Another revelation in the Tripathi household is that Beena Tripathi’s sharing her love among three generations now.

However, what makes the dynamic of Mirzapur more explosive is the fact that there are so many additions. Son of Rati Shankar Shukla is coming back to avenge his father and take Mirzapur back.

These are the characters that we already had either relationships with in the first instalment, but this isn’t it. The brilliant Vijay Varma is now a major part of the franchise entering as another political dynast from Bihar.

Now leaving the men behind, Gajgamini aka Golu is all set to unleash the bad-ass in her soul for the second season. She’s going from trying never to touch a gun to have ambitions of being the queen of Mirzapur. Dimpy, Guddu’s sister, also got a little showing in the trailer.

Amit Sial, is unexpectedly back in the Khaki uniform, hurt but not broken as of yet. It did seem like Akhandanand would send him to the seventh sky, but he is safe, or that’s what they’re making it seem like. 

Another set of high ranking officials and politicians will be in the talks of this instalment. The CM of the state as well as new faces from the High commissions, did grace the screen, teasing us for bigger things to come.

When will be able to feast on the new set of Mirzpapur episodes?

Creators of Mirzapur have indicated already that there’s as much violence and gore, if not more in this upcoming season. The Amazon Prime Video Original will premiere on October 23rd, 2024.

The trailer certainly didn’t disappoint and neither will the season itself. The cast, The Crew & The Story-line is way too good for a debacle.

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Mirzapur Season Two Trailer is Coming Soon! Check Details