5 Myths About Pornography That Many Adults Still Believe

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History is full of mysteries and unknown things, events, and even places. For some, we have found out that they are true, and we are today well aware they existed, but some are still waiting to be found. Now, this may seem like the beginning of an Indiana Jones movie, but far from it, it is just to emphasize how each one of us has some things we believe in, even though we have no foundation for that belief whatsoever. It does not matter if it is about Atlantis or some treasure map, how did Egyptians build the pyramids, or whether or not there are aliens. And, perhaps the most famous one, whether or not there is the afterlife, we have certain beliefs based on tales, stories, personal preferences, and, unfortunately, fake news.

The last one is mostly a thing of modern times, where anyone can post almost anything online, and voila, somehow we ended up believing that an average person eats about eight spiders a year while asleep. For many years this myth, or better called fake news, was all we talked about, which just says a lot that even though if we take some time and do some research, we can find any info we may need, we are still pretty gullible, but that’s the topic for some other time. Now, let’s talk more about the myths of the digital era.

If we combine a taboo topic with a myth, we will get something that is not just untrue but wrong in so many ways and for so many reasons. That is why debunking some myths pornography-related is always appreciated, as many still believe that pornography accurately promotes sex or that orgasms happen with no effort at all, or that clitoris is just one tiny little nub, and the list goes on. If you found your beliefs in these examples we just mentioned, you should definitely keep reading, as it will come in more than handy. But if you are here only to find some good porns to watch, check the BestJapanesePornSites.com, and you will surely not be disappointed.

1. Good sex exists only in porns

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Well, this is probably one of the most popular myths when it comes to porn. Many people watch them and believe that everything they see is real or needs to be real. These people cannot enjoy normal sex because they are too obsessed with adult movies and everything they see in them, so their love life is not rich as it can and should be. Their wrong opinion is affecting their love life, and these people are usually unhappy and unsatisfied with their intimate life.

2. Hymen needs to break during the first intercourse

Many of us grew up listening to the stories about woman’s’ first intercourse and bleeding. The fact is that women bleed when the hymen breaks, but it not necessarily needs to happen during their first intercourse. Some of them have an elastic hymen, which will break after a few intercourses, but it does not mean that they are still virgins. On the other side, the hymen can break during the bicycle ride or the usage of tampons, so it is not something that can guarantee virginity.

3. Women always fake orgasms

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The problem with porn is that they are teaching us that men always try to have an orgasm while the women are not that interested in that, so they are faking it often. Well, the truth is a little different, and women love to get an orgasm as much as men do, but it can sometimes be a little harder for them. Because of that misbelieving, many men are not trying hard enough, so in the end, many women are ending up disappointed.

4. Anal sex is only for gay people

Unfortunately, being gay is still taboo and something that most people avoid talking about. Because of that, in combination with porn, every person who likes and thinks about anal sex is considered gay. It denies freedom of speech for many people and makes them feel uncomfortable because of something they like, want to try, and which is absolutely normal. That is the biggest problem for shy people and those who do not know how to share and defend their beliefs once when they get into a conversation with others who do not share their opinions.

5. Adult movies are causing the deviant sexual behavior

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There is nothing wrong with having a fetish and watching porn with that subject, but many people are convinced that it will cause deviant sexual behavior. Luckily it is not true, and all of us can watch and enjoy whatever we like without the fear that it will affect our sex life or change our behavior. It is true that it can give us some new ideas and make us want to try something new, but it does not necessarily need to be something deviant. As adult people, we all have our opinions and the right to think and love whatever we want, and watching porn cannot change it if we do not want that.

To Summarize

Yes, some things on this list should not be a myth, just like sex shouldn’t be a taboo topic, as to how teenagers who are new to all this can learn if they are not allowed to talk about it and discuss. Even adults find it confusing or even frightening, which is just a shame, and for now, pornography is where most of them find their answers, hence many myths about pornography. Hopefully, by debunking some of them, we made it much easier for you to determine what you can actually expect and what is just something that happens in such movies. Overall, the fact that there are plenty of websites based around this is yet another thing that can make more trouble than good, which is why finding a trustworthy website for pornography is also beneficial. Luckily some reputable websites like BestJapanesePornSites.com have specialized in determining which pornography sites are the best, so you can relax and enjoy your free time.