Ozark Season 3: SPOILERS, cast, release date and everything you need to know!


The whole new season of one of the Netflix’s best crime drama is on its way to blow our minds! Oh yes, people, OZARK Season 3 is just around the corner!

Just when you were wondering what can potentially be the next adventure that Byrd family has to go through in their thrilling life, the season star, and director, Jason Bateman, has something more up his sleeves than we can ever imagine. 

Everything you need to know about this season is just a scroll away! Tighten your belts as this season is going to be one hell of a bone-chilling ride full of twists and turns!

OZARK Season 3: Release Date

Ozark Season 3 is a sure-shot of gripping crime drama that every thriller fan awaits. In his recent tweet, Jason Bateman wrote: “this official Ozark season 3 is on its way”. This tweet has kept his fans on their feet longing for the new season.

However, Netflix is yet to announce the official release date of this new season. All we know for sure is this irresistible saga is in the box for 2024. According to a few speculations and fan theories, the season will be aired just around July. The first season was released in July while that the release of 2nd season was in October, so following the trends, we can expect the 3rd season of Ozark to appear on Netflix in July.

This instills us with a sense of relief as this summer, and we are all set to avoid the scorching summer heat with this splendid crime-drama and a bowl of popcorn!

OZARK Season 3: Cast and Crew


In this new season, we can expect the starring of a few new promising faces along with the previous cast. 

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney will reprise their role as Mr. and Mrs. Byrde, and guessing that Sophia Hublitz and Skylar Gaertner will return as the Byrde kids, Charlotte and Jonah. By far, the most intriguingly complex character of the Ozark series, Ruth Langmore, is all set to play again by Julia Garner, who recently bagged an Emmy. Charlie Tahan will come back to play the role of Wyatt, Ruth’s brilliant yet unmotivated brother.

Based on the recent announcements by Netflix, NCIS: New Orleans actress Madison Thompson is all set to cast in the Ozark saga as Helen Pierce’s teenage daughter. A couple of Marvel Star, Tom Pelphrey from Iron Fist star, will be seen as Wendy Byrde’s brother Ben. Along with this, Ex-Jessica Jones actress Jessica Frances Duke will be coming aboard as an FBI forensic accountant in the 3rd season.

According to the announcements, we gather that Joseph Sikora (Netflix’s Maniac) and Felix Solis (Mindhunter) are ready to star with the Ozarks for season 3 as the leaders of the Kansas City mob and the Navarro Cartel, respectively. Clearly, for the Byrd Family, things are going to be heated up this season.

OZARK Season 3: What to Expect?

One can only discover the real hidden plots in the Ozark Season 3rd, but as of now, a synopsis is all we need.

From Bateman’s tweet, “I’m happy for me, but worried about Marty,” We feel the next level suspense this season holds. From the bone-chilling finale of season 2, we can expect the new season to revolve around the riverboat casino, given it is fully functional and used for laundering hundreds of million dollars for the Mexican drug cartel. Showrunner Chris Mundy in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter in August has said that the new season will feature Ruth Langmore trying her very best to get to better terms with the Byrdes and that we will see horrible dark fate waiting of Marty just down the alley.

With the further entanglement of Marty Byrde that we saw in season 2, it is evident that there’s plenty of stories left to explore in future seasons.