Queer Eye season 6: What to expect from the show’s new season and when will it be released.


After another ten scenes of tears, embraces, and makeovers, can fans anticipate seeing Queer Eye season 6? Netflix’s well known unscripted television show has just been recharged for season 6. Yet, there might be a more extended sit tight for the Fab Five’s arrival due to the coronavirus pandemic closing down creation. 

Propelling on Netflix in February 2018, Queer Eye is a reboot of the 2000s Bravo arrangement Queer Eye For the Straight Guy. A gathering of gay men known as the “Fab Five” gave a home, life, and individual appearance makeovers to battling straight men. Queer Eye dropped the last piece of the title because of an extended center, with the new Fab Five assisting straight folks as well as straight ladies, lesbians, and gay men. Presently the main joining topic of the “legends” is that they’re individuals who need a little assistance in their lives. 

Queer Eye’s Fab Five
Image Netflix

The Fab Five of Netflix’s Queer Eye are: Tan France, style expert; Bobby Berk, inside planner; Jonathan Van Ness, who advises on hair, cosmetics, and individual consideration; Karamo Brown, a specialist and holistic mentor; and Antoni Porowski, a gourmet specialist and food master. Each new season of the show has the gathering center around individuals living in the diverse city – so where will Queer Eye season 6 take them? 

Queer Eye Has Already Been Renewed For Season 6 

Queer Eye keeps on being one of Netflix’s most well-known shows, and was restored for season 6 in March 2022. The following season of the show will include Austin, Texas as the Fab Five’s new base of activities, and will see them “scour the grassland in a quest for a different program of saints needing a little TLC.” as opposed to the first arrangement, which was situated in New York, Queer Eye has been recorded around different places around the United States. Season 1 and 2 occurred in Atlanta, Georgia, seasons three and were set in Kansas City, Missouri, and Illinois, and season 5 was shot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Season 6 Release Date 

Queer Eye season 6 was initially focusing on a release later in 2022. However, it has since been deferred after the coronavirus pandemic prompted a creation shutdown. The arrangement has so far kept up a lively spot, with two seasons releasing in 2018 and 2019, or more the specials “Yass, Australia!” (in which the Fab Five visit the town of Yass, Australia) and “We’re In Japan!”. In any case, as per Berk, Queer Eye season 6 didn’t get much of anywhere at all before it got put on hold. The star disclosed to Oprah Magazine: 

“We were here recording season 6 and around five days into that, creation got shut down as a result of COVID-19… We didn’t get the main scene wrapped up. The uncover had occurred; our saint had seen the home. The main thing that hadn’t occurred was our last scene where we get the chance to watch what’s occurred with them.” 

That implies that at whatever point the limitations on creation do lift once more, season 6 will at present have nearly the entire season despite everything left to film. In light of that, a 2022 release date is likely.