10 Restaurant Ideas for a First Date in 2023

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Going to a restaurant is an excellent idea for the first date because combining food with sweet talks is one of the best feelings in the world. However, what type of restaurant should you choose for the first time seeing your love interest? These are some random and universally successful places everyone should visit instead of overpriced boring restaurants.

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1. A cocktail bar

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If you cannot successfully interact with strangers without getting loose, it’s better to do it with your date as you equally get drunk. It is not the best piece of advice, but when two adults decide to have fun without feeling guilty, a cocktail bar will do. Make sure you know the limits, though.

2. An Indian restaurant

Experiencing different cuisines is the best way to spend the first date because you combine new and positive occurrences at the same time. Unless you order Indian every other week, the abundance this country offers might be an excellent conversation starter. By the way, spicy food evokes adrenaline which will make your date more fun.

3. A blind tasting restaurant

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Blind tasting is for someone who isn’t afraid of experiencing new senses. It might be a little overwhelming not knowing your main course and digging into a mystery plate with the blindfold over your eyes in front of a stranger, but it is worth it. You will not forget this experience, that’s for sure.

4. Make-it-yourself restaurant

Some European restaurants practice a make-it-yourself DIY policy. What does it mean? It means that you are given a template to create your unique dish with raw products. Salt and pepper, cheese to meet ratio – the choice is yours. Experimental cuisine is something everyone needs on their first date.

5. A Korean BBQ restaurant

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A Korean BBQ place has a built-in steamer, hot soup, and a grill to cook meat and veggies on the stove right in the restaurant. This procedure excites every tourist. If your city has a similar restaurant, visiting it with your lovely date is a must.

6. A cat restaurant

First of all, it’s not what you think. A cat restaurant is simply a place where you can wine and dine, observing little kittens running around. If you want to try cuteness overload, ask your date to join you for this fluffy trip. But first of all, make sure your date doesn’t have allergies.

7. A rooftop restaurant

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There is nothing better than dinner with a great view. Rooftop restaurants offer a top-tier wine card, a pair of blankets, and anything to create a romantic atmosphere for couples. If you want a true romance, this is one of the best places to try out with your better half.

8. Wine tasting

Wine yards always look for people that want to try out their harvest. If you want to feel like a real sommelier, invite your date to a similar event. The vineyards present their clients with impeccable cheese and nuts assortment, so if you want to taste exquisite snacks, this place will be more than applicable for the first date.

9. Blindfold dinner

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If you want to concentrate solely on taste, some modern restaurants present you with such an option. From now on, you can sit in complete darkness, aiming each one of your taste buds at a marvelous mysterious dish.

10. A robot restaurant

Talking about exotics, some restaurants already fired their human-flesh stuff to make robot waitresses a star of the show. Invite her for dinner and watch the performance of a millennium together.

Bonus Tip: Questions to Ask on a First Date

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Well, the ideas above are going to wake up your creativity and imagination. You don’t have to choose either of the suggestions that we had, but it may happen that you think of something more creative after reading the previous part. Yet, when you find the best solution, what’s next? Is the location going to raise your chances to impress someone?

Without any doubt, it will have an influence on the behavior and comfort of the person you want to date. However, to make things even better for both of you, it is important to ask the appropriate questions. In the text below, you will find them out!

What Are Things that Make You Unique?

Okay, it is okay to sometimes stick to the standards. This question is something that people often ask. However, when you ask something like that, you will ensure enough space for someone to talk about himself/herself. Despite that, it is okay to hear more information about interests, habits, ways of thinking, etc. You will realize whether the person you date meets your expectations. Also, there is a big chance that a person will ask the same question after he/she finishes answering. That means you will also have enough time and space to tell who you are.

Is There Something You Would Want to Learn or Improve?

Okay, you do not have to ask the same way we suggest. You can ask something such as “what are your dreams”, “How do you imagine yourself in the next 5 to 10 years”, “What are your career ambitions”, etc. With all these questions, you can easily see whether you and that person have similar goals for the future. It may happen that you are completely different, so there is no need to continue what you started just because someone is physically attractive to you. That especially counts if serious relationships are the only thing you are looking for.

Who Are the Most Important People In Your Life?

This question is not just informative. It will also help you to find out more about the character of the person that you date. The way that person talks about grandparents, parents, other family members and friends matter a lot. Despite that, you will also see who had the biggest influence on the behavior and way of thinking of the person that you like. When you hear your date describe someone with love, kindness, and respect, you will actually see the positive emotions that person has. More precisely, you will manage to dig a little into the subconsciousness and emotional side of that person which is a very important thing!

Small Note

Okay, we highlighted 3 questions that you should ask on the first date. These three questions can inspire you to think of something on your own. However, do not turn your first date into the interview. That is the reason why we stopped. You don’t know exactly in which direction the conversation will go. Asking and answering questions is not the point of the first date. It is always good to make jokes and try to impress the person you date with your humor. Now to make sure that all chances are on your side for your first date I advise you to read this great resource, it lists 26 tips for your first date after meeting online.