Riverdale: Fans react to the ‘Out of Sync’ execution of the Musical Episode 

Riverdale Cast

Season 4 of Riverdale is kicking in with its latest episodes. But, it’s unfortunate that he last episode aired got sort of mixed reviews. 

Riverdale Season 4 of this teen drama series is quite insane. It is answering a lot of questions but in a way that does not destroy the mystery for the fans. The show is currently airing on both CW and Netflix. Unfortunately, the last episode didn’t seem quite to impress the fans. Riverdale fans are left in disappointment because of the improper execution of the musical event. 

A still from the Musical

This sexy thriller became an adaptation of Broadway musicals in Season 2 when it brought Carrie: The Musical to the small screen. Some fans believe that the theatrical episodes are a welcome escape for those who miss the productions live on stage. While some feel that, it tends to shift the main focus of the show. 

While, the fans are all in due to the positive portrayal of transgender, but some think that transgender cult hit Hedwig and the Angry Inch deserved better. As the new principal Mr Honey (Kerr Smith) puts down Riverdale High’s variety show, Kevin (Casey Cott) puta on an all-singing-all-dancing protest through the school’s corridors.

Although, Riverdale cast tried their level best to impress the fans with costumes and production, it gained mixed reviews. But we can say, they decided to do justice to the original musical’s brassy numbers. As of now, we can say that this response was not a surprise for the long- term fans of Riverdale. By the end, the fans thought the season 4’s murder mystery misled them. 

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Unfortunately, not only the episode, Wicked Little Town, had negative responses, but there were technical errors that were evident. So, overall this new chapter was a little disappointing for the audience. 

After a recent discussion on Reddit, Redditor alex79472 posted: “Is it me or is the musical episode out of sync between the voices and what’s happening on screen? They don’t seem to be matching up”.

After looking at the work of every character, Casey Cott managed to deliver an impressive central lead as Hedwig. But still many felt music in the musical did not match the cast’s recording and the action on stage. Another fan came in defence and said, maybe the sudden outbreak of the pandemic may have disturbed the post-production of the show. 

As we know, due to the sudden outbreak of a pandemic, the shooting schedules of all the shows are suffering. So Riverdale also had to shut its production, before the completion of Season 4’s last episodes. Although, the shoot for the episode, Wicked Little Town may have complete, but its editing and sound mixing are still left. So, the show’s crew may have faced a lot of trouble because of the ongoing crisis. 

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While, the last musical was not up to fans expectation, but the fact that they gave a shot to shoot in such circumstances is worth appreciating. 

Ted Sullivan, the writer for the series, confirmed that Season 4 would have 19 episodes. He also said that, episodes 20-22 would be airing with the start of Season 5. As of now, Episode 18 will be airing on April 29. But there is no information about the telecast of the finale. So, the fans may have to wait patiently for the same. 

Riverdale will be available on Wednesdays on The CW and Thursdays on Netflix.

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