Run BTS! Release Date & Streaming Details of Season 3 Episode 47


Run BTS returns once again with a bang. It’s third season is already on the run. After undergoing a short break, Run BTS was back with its second part of 100th episode special on Wednesday 21 April. After it’s return, the BTS  teams once again had to face tough challenges on its way. Here’s all you need to know about its Episode 47 of Season 3. 

When is Run BTS! Season 3 Episode 47 releasing? 

As per latest reports, Run BTS! Season 3 Episode 47 will be releasing on Tuesday, 28 April 2024 KST. This show ran smoothly for three seasons and then it took a break. Now, the show is back after it’s crack and had broadcasted about nine episodes in 2024. As far as we know, it is not yet official that if this will be Season 4. All we know for now is that it is a weekly TV Program. 

A still from the show Run BTS

Where can we Watch Run BTS! Season 3 Episode 47? 

Fans can watch Run BTS! all episodes online on V Live. But, the only news is, the latest events are only available on a subscription. The best part is that fans can rewatch all the previous chapters as many times as they want. So, if one wishes, they can binge-watch all the last games that the BTS team has been in. 

What Is this show all About?

Run BTS is a South Korean reality TV show. It is based on the BTS team and the tasks given to them. In every episode, the BTS team is given different challenges to complete. The latest event released, celebrated the show’ s 101st Episode. The celebration began last week with the 100 episode, and this latest episode was the second part of the party. In this episode too, the BTS team was given yet another challenge to face. 

A still from the show

Who are all the cast members of this show? 

As per the show’s production team, the BTS team has:

  • Jin
  • Suga
  • J-Hope
  • V
  • Park Ji Min
  • RM
  • Jeon Jung Kook

In the show, all members of the BTS Team come back each week and are do different challenges. The next episode will release on next week so stay tuned. On the next event, you can know what will find the next challenge given to the BTS Team.

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