RWBY The Chapter 18: Release Date and Recap


RWBY Team struggles over Grimm’s people. But to their luck, Neptune and CFVY team come on their side. The official release date of the 18th chapter of RWBY is set on May 12th, 2024. RWBY manga runs on a monthly basis. Hence, the previous chapter came out on April 17th, 2024. Furthermore, for more updates please read our website more.

The spoilers of a new chapter start coming out two to three days prior to release. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the spoilers. We promise to deliver the news as quickly as possible.

Fight Against CFVY.

The latest chapters of RWBY release on two platforms. One is the official VIZ Media. Another release platform for the manga could be Shueisha’s Manga plus. Also, there could be many raw copies of the manga available on the internet.

But the most advised reading method is through the official websites and apps to support the artists from your end.

A huge explosion occurs in the vale, it takes in beacon academy, vale, sun, and much more into it. The explosion was worked on with the help of a vehicle. Romans tried to regenerate the pit while RWBY followed.

Romans planned on Grimm and his people to like vale to increase their negative emotions. But finally, ironwood helps them while ruby defeats Romans.