Haikyuu Chapter 392 releasing today. Know what Hinata is up to this time.

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Among all the manga series chapters coming with new releases this weekend, Haikyuu is the most awaited one. It will soon be coming up with a new chapter. So, keep reading to know all the currently available updates and information about Haikyuu Chapter 392.


The main character of Haikyuu is Shōyō Hinata, a high school student. Hinata sees a volleyball match on television and gets very intrigued and attracted to the game. His favorite player, who is commonly known as “Little Giant,” becomes his role model.

Haikyuu follows the journey of Hinata, who is a very short boy, in achieving the dream of becoming like his favorite player. Sadly, his dreams are shattered right in the first official match that he plays. They lose the match badly against a powerful team. The team includes Toblo Kageyama who’s known as “The king of the court.”

Shōyō Hinata in Haikyuu
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Hinata decides to join the same highschool as Kageyama and defeat him. Surprisingly, both become teammates and make a fantastic duo with their combined skills. Later, they forget their differences and create a unique tactic related to volleyball.

They have a very fun and pleasant vibe going on together. So, Karasuno boys’ volleyball team together sets on a journey to the nationals.

Haikyuu Chapter 392 release date

After the release of Chapter 391 on 26th April, Chapter 392 is releasing on 10 May (today). This delay is a result of the new 2-week schedule for all the Shonen Jump manga series. This change has been made due to the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Hence, as is the case with all other Shonen Jump manga, each chapter of this show will also release after every 14 days now.

Is Haikyuu Chapter 392 available online?

Yes! As soon as a new chapter releases on VIZ Media and other official platforms, it can also be read online. Before a new chapter is published, a raw scan of that chapter is released 2-3 days in advance. Their official website and app contain all the digital copies.


No spoilers have been released for Haikyuu Chapter 392. So, we suggest you read the digital copies which are available currently to know what the new chapter will bring.