Reach For A New Level Of Intimacy: Sex Toys For Him and Her


Physical and sexual intimacy is very important in any relationship. Everyone wants to explore themselves in a different way. One of the best ways to do that is by taking some help from already present options. These are sex toys are help out couples in discovering how they would like to expand the boundaries of their sex life.

It will not only increase pleasure but will also help develop deeper levels of intimacy. People are often hesitant while bringing toys in the bedroom. This is the reason why we have included some of the best sex toys in this article to show just how great the sexual experience can be. It can be both romantic and sexy at the same time.

We-Vibe Sync


If there is something the couple needs to do in the bedroom, it is vibe. This particular sex toy stimulates just that experience. It is perfect for penetrative sex and helps in better stimulation of the female during penetrative sex. It is made in sort of a boomerang shape.

This cuff-like shape is perfect keeping both the clitoral area and the G-spot engaged at the same time.

The idea is to insert one end of the device inside the vagina to stimulate the G-spot while the other keeps vibrating by the clit. This builds a pressure especially when the male partner is thrusting. The device is designed to hold on especially during the motions so that the end inside the vagina does not keep slipping in and out. It will stay in place and increase the pleasure of the woman. There are many additional features in this particular device which makes it perfect for controlling orgasms whenever necessary.

It is waterproof so all the water related fantasies can be fulfilled without a hiccup while using this toy. A remote control comes with the device which allows the partner to change the stimulation from time to time to spice things up. If a couple is long distance, they can use the app to connect remotely as well. There is an app which allows the couple to sync music to the vibrations which will help in a better sex life even if they are far away.

Maude Cone Small Plug


A butt plug s for both the partners if they would like to try anal. This Is luckily a toy which would be a worthwhile investment if both of you would like to explore how far you are willing to go in the bedroom. As long as it is being washed and sterilized after each use, there is no issue with partners sharing a butt plug.

A butt plug has many varieties in the market but if you are beginners, it is the best approach to start small. This particular option is small in size with a tapered tip for easy insertion. It is small enough to insert and easy enough to remove. The flat base allows for easy push in and easy take out. You can visit this site to learn more.

It looks exactly like a cone and is made of silicone. It is not hard so it would not harm you in any way. If you are beginners, make sure to take it easy and give your body time to adjust to the sensation first. It does not have toxic chemicals which is why it is a safe choice to enhance intimacy.

Lelo Tor 2 Couples Vibrating Ring


This is a vibrator ring meant to be worn at the base of the penis. It is meant for penetrative sexual activity and the ring comes with a protruding part which helps stimulate the female as well. While penetrative action is a stimulator on its own, it restricts the females from reaching climax. This is where this sex toy comes in. It is specially designed to continue vibrating during the whole act so that the top of the ring brushes up against the clitoral area repeatedly.

This builds an orgasm for both the partners and helps make the sex life more enjoyable.

This is also beneficial for the males because the erection lasts for longer. The vibrations keep the blood flow going which can help them last longer in bed. They might feel more turned on by the ring which would help the intimate moments.

Dame Products Eva II


The sexual products mentioned so far have to do with female stimulation and this is another design which caters to the same need. While penetrative sex is greatly stimulating for the male, it is not often the case for the woman. This particular sex toy is made to enhance clitoral stimuation without compromising the penetrative action.

It can easily allow a woman to take pleasure in either masturbation or sex depending on the occasion. This device is in a small ball-like shape with two small hands for better grip. It is not meant to penetrate. It will rest between the labia by the vulva. When it vibrates, it will be simulation enough to keep the woman engaged in the sexual act just as much as the man.

It is perfect for clitoral stimulation as well and allows both the partners to go hands free and enjoy the sensations directly. The makers wanted to allow females a chance to experience sexual pleasure without having to constantly guide the males or even use their own hand. There is a small hidden charging port inside the device as well which would not interfere with the operation at all.

The Takeaway

As long as you are willing to experiment, there is a lot to explore in the world of sex toys.

All you need is proper stimulation. Before investing in any device, it is better to have an open discussion with your partner about what you want and how the bedroom game can be improved. Understand the different functions to know how to serve both yourself and your partner better.