Spencer Grammer, Rick and Morty Star Hospitalized After Knife Attack

Spencer Grammer
Spencer Grammer
Image- Twitter

Rick and Morty star Spencer Grammer was hospitalized after being attacked by a knife-wielding man in New York City’s East Village. What is the case? Who has attacked Grammer? All the answers to these questions are on this page. Scroll down and know what actually has happened with Spencer.

Who is Spencer Grammer?

Grammer is best known as the voice of Summer Smith in Rick and Morty. Her first acting role was in Cheers, the series where her father originated the character, Frasier Crane.  Yes! You are guessing it right! She is the daughter of Frasier and X-Men movies star Kelsey Grammer. Spencer also played the lead role in the ABC Family dramedy Greek and appeared in the 2013 television series Ironside.

What happened that night? How is she now?

According to the Sources in law enforcement, the incident occurred late on Friday night. A man arrived at The Black Ant restaurant near about its closing time. So, the workers denied to serve food to the man. The man seemed quite drunk, and as they did not serve him, he flew into a rage. He pulled out a knife and began attacking employees and guests. Grammer and a friend of hers were present there at the moment. They both were wounded while trying to pull the assailant away from others. But at last, the man fled into the night.

The report states that Grammer has to admit to a hospital. At the same time, her friend gets some minor injuries. Spencer has suffered “gashes” on her arm, while her friend bore injuries to her back.

Spencer Grammer and Ricky Morty
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How is she doing in Rick and Morty?

ComicBook spoke to Grammer in 2019 about Rick and Morty. The topic was basically, on how dark, series can get. In the reply, she just says, “I don’t know. I mean to me I’m like yes it is feeling it too, cause like that’s just life.”  She also continues, “I do feel like there is, those themes are much heavy in this new season, I think, because that feels like a natural improvement.

Spencer Grammer
Image- Twitter

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But even before that,  ‘Wubalubadubdub’ of Rick put in bird person language. It is like ‘I am an extreme pain’ or whatever. And I’m like, yeah, that’s like a heavy drug that shouldn’t be joking about it.