Lucas Till: Know Why MacGyver Star Was Suicidal While Shooting For The Show

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Lucas Till was suicidal working under showrunner Peter Lenkov who was currently fired by the network. MacGyver star Lucas Till is unfolding about the toxic work environment on set allegedly created by executive producer Peter Lenkov.

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MacGyver Star Lucas Till Says Toxic Boss Peter Lenkov Made Him Suicidal

Many staffers have accused fired CBS showrunner Peter Lenkov, who was behind the network’s popular reboots of frequent abusive tirades and workplace bullying with one star saying he even heed suicide due to the alleged abuse.

Lenkov was fired from his leading role on July 7. After star Lucas Till says, he filed a second complaint with top CBS over his care about Lenkov and, therefore, the environment on the show, according to Vanity Fair.

Till was among the various employees who spoke out in interviews with the magazine about what they say was a degrading workplace environment, with the actor saying that Lenkov’s abuse, bullying, and body-shaming took a severe toll.

Lucas Till
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Till think they merely took it as some crazy actor trying to induce more cash. Necessarily, they didn’t make it thoughtfully. As per Vanity Fair, Till wrote in an email to Human Resource at CBS that Lenkov always found issues with how he appeared.

Lenkov was released from his role. Earlier this month following investigations into his leadership.

A statement from CBS TV Studios on July 7, Peter Lenkov is once the chief producer was supervising. Thus the studio has ended its relationship with him. The studio also announced that Monica Macer would take over Lenkov.

In a report to The Hollywood Reporter, Lenkov makes an apology. He said it is the movement to listening, and I’m doing that. He added that it’s so challenging to understand that the place he ran was not the working atmosphere.

According to him, his association deserved, and he is sorry for that. He accepts all the fault for anything he was hearing and was assigned to doing the task, which is suitable and to do correctly.