SubZero Chapter 70: How far will Clove and Pyro go to save their people?

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Webtoons is a comparatively new concept and have been receiving great response lately. One of the most popular webtoons is SubZero, which is being released every week. A large number of people have loved it. So, here’s all the information we have about SubZero Chapter 70.

SubZero Chapter 70 release date

The Manga releases a new episode after every 7 days. Since the last episode was released on 4 May 2024, the 70th chapter will be out of May 11th (Monday).

Online availability

You can download their official app and read the new episode of Sub Zero. Also, you can buy a Line Webtoon magazine to read the upcoming episode. We recommend reading the new chapters in the magazine or from the official app because it will be free of any manipulations in the original content.

You can have a look at the official trailer here.


SubZero Story

The Manga is set in a fantasy world where 2 opponent royalties are able to shift into dragons.

The series follows Clove, who is the Queen of the Cerulean. She grew up in Cerulean Palace and was deeply attached to her mother all through her childhood. Also, Clove is the last princess of the Azure Dragon clan, which is nearly extinct.

The Azure clan is the opponent of the Crimson Royalty. Prince Kyro is the crown prince of Crimson dragon royalty. They marry each other to form an alliance and unite their countries. So, they take this step in order to end the battle between the clans.

Hence, SubZero shows how the two take the decision of marrying each other in order to bring peace and save their people.

Clove and Pyro
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SubZero main characters

The major characters of the manga series include-

  • Clove- The crown princess of the Cerulean (Azure) Royalty
  • Kyro- The prince of Crimson Clan
  • Kharis- Kyro’s sister who’s very close to him and takes care of him
  • Nouren- Captain of the Azure Guard
  • Aaron
  • Mai