Superstore Season 6 Teaser Shows Workers Dealing With COVID-19 Pandemic Situation!

Superstore Feature
Superstore season six returns back to TV soon and the characters in the show will be as affected with the Global Pandemic.

Superstore is returning for the sixth instalment of the Sitcom on NBC, and big changes are coming. However, like everyone else in the world, the show is also going through the effects of the global pandemic. Also, calling it “after effects” isn’t the best reference, considering that the virus is as big of a threat right now, as it was on its heights for individuals. While everyone had the choice to either stay home or go to work, some people did not. This show is the perfect opportunity to learn about the people who work in bazaars and stores all around the world.

NBC is all set to premiere the show soon, and promos are rolling in for the excitement of season six. The early one features the fact that the workers in the groceries retail were all taking risks for serving the general populous.

Following, is the tweet from the show’s official handle along with the teaser promo video:-

When is the Sixth Season returning with NBC network on TV?

The premiere of Superstore: Season 6 is arriving on October 29th, 2024 on the usual timings. Another special reason to watch the premiere is because long-time protagonist America Ferrera, who plays the character of Amy, will be getting a farewell from the story as the actress is leaving the shores of the sitcom.

In the background, it’s important to remember that the fifth season was cut short by two episodes due to restriction on filming. Also, the date we have with us is officially a week later than what we were expecting earlier.

Additionally, we’ll have the characters that were staying to the side, now in the forefront. Characters of Jonah, Dina and Glenn will be much more in the spotlight from now on with the departure of Amy.

Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash & Mark McKinney are all coming back in their usual regular parts. Also, Nichole Sakura, Nico Santos, Colton Dunn, and Kaliko Kauahi will be making a return back to the show.


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