Survivor: Winners At War: Who Is Out Of the Season In The Last Episode


There are many bigger personalities on Survivor from season 1 to season 40. There also many people who changed the tradition of this show and made it better day by day. Like we can say in the season 1 Greg Buis used coconut phone back. After then it changed in season 12 by Shane when he upgraded it to an island BlackBerry.

What is Survivor: Winners At War?

Well, it is a weekly show which is based on such a simple manner. It gives an edge to power players. And the Player has that edge then the Player can use it to your advantage. So this is how it runs, Player have to earn the power and then use it to survive in the season.

In the last episode of the season, there are lots of things which made us feel not to believe that the series won’t change. Here we got all the details of the last elimination round which might be interesting for you.

survivor: winner at war last episode wallpaper

Who voted out in the last episode?

Well, this show is designed in the way that one has to leave if they don’t survive in the voting process.

Sophie Clarke left us in the last episode. He was the winner of season 23rd. Well, this is the beauty of the show that no one will stay a winner. If he/she don’t update own self by the new season. This season proved that although you might be a winner of one of the seasons, things do change by the time. And this was done by the one whom we can’t expect, but it did happen, and Sophie Clarke have to leave the show.

Here is the latest episode of the season:

What was the twist in the elimination?

According to the situation in Survivor, the show is changing its elimination method. And the change in elimination method causes many things on the show.

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Like there was nothing that was planned to kick Sophie Clarke out. And yes there was a plan to eliminate Jeremy Collins from the show.

But here is the twist when the game changed. The reason is nothing in the elimination of Clarke. He was the one who chooses to skip the previous tribal council. This was one of the reasons why everyone planned to show him the exit door.

Well, it’s sad for viewers not to see him playing like a pro again. So this is all about the elimination of the last episode. Stay tuned with us for more updates.