Survivor Season 41: Scheduled for Fall 2024!


Survivor is a reality competition shown on television. It turns out as the American version of the international reality competition franchise of the same name. This franchise remains connected to the Swedish television series Expedition Robinson, of 1997, which was created by Charlie Parsons. The American one first premiered on May 31, 2000, on CBS Network.

The next Season!

Survivor Season 40 started airing on February 12, 2024 and ended on May 13, 2024.

Due to the global spread of the CoVid, the production and filming of Season 41 halted. The dates for the filming kept on being postponed. Now, the reports say that they will officially begin shooting in Spring 2024.

Survivor Season 40 still

The show’s set locates back to Fiji, a country in the south of the Pacific. Fiji remains closed for the non-inhabitants of the country. And hence the filming remains halted for later.


The filming for Survivor Season 41 started after they completed with Season 40. The decision publicised to release it this fall, i.e. in Fall 2024. But, the Fijian Government put up laws and actions due to the pandemic causing the cast and crew to halt their shoot.

All the members of Survivor are working hard for resuming the shoot. They have made constant efforts to contact their Government. And they finally concluded to start over after it reopens.


Due to the massive delay in time for the shoot, Survivor Season 41 will screen most probably in Fall 2024, if everything does go according to the set schedule.

Survivor ~

The fans much anticipate the return of this new Season. Each Season has always brought in new elements as a surprise factor for the cast and the fans. And not only will Season 41 will get filmed, but Season 42 will also film as soon as the shoot for Season 41 ends. So, fans can have a double-blast with the Season at the end of 2021.

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